Get That Bold Kohl Eyes with the Best Kajal in the Market


Kajal for eyes is unquestionably the most popular cosmetic product among Indian women. It is the most crucial component in your make-up kit and is used to improve the look of your pretty eyes. Most of you would not even step out of your house without dark kajal eyeliner. It is a must-have element in your bags for college, work, or dates.

The initial use of kajal is very interesting. Kajal gets primarily applied as a type of eye protection, in addition to its visual appeal. The notion was that tinting the area around the eyes would shield them from the sun’s intense rays while guarding the wearer against the evil eye. This belief is still alive and well today, which explains why many parents put kohl on their children’s eyes and foreheads. 

You should also know that although the terms kajal and kohl are often interchanged nowadays, the former was renowned for having a firmer texture and was used to tighten-line eyes or put on the waterline, making it like a waterproof kajal or eyeliner pencil. At the same time, the latter was super soft and was used to give a complete smoked-out effect without yanking at the skin.

Must Add Kajals to Your Cart

You will find a great range of kajal eye make-up and kajal online on Health & Glow:

  1. Kohl Eye-Swear-By Plum Kajal comes in a retractable pencil for easy application and has a rich black, matte texture that makes your eyes sparkle in just one swipe. The creaminess of the kajal makes it easy to achieve any look with accuracy, whether used as a kajal on the top and bottom water lines or as a liner on the top and bottom lash line. After use, this fade and water-resistant kajal lasts up to 12 hours. It is free of sulphates and parabens and contains natural jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. 
  1. Kajal from Himalaya Herbals delivers a strong effect while also nourishing the eye. It’s silky and easy to apply on the lash line. A single stroke is sufficient. Himalaya Herbals Kajal has natural elements that promote eyelash growth, function as an anti-aging agent for the eyelids, keep the eyes moistened, and relieve eye tension. 
  1. Jovees Herbal Kohl Kajal has Triphala, which is recommended in Ayurvedic recipes for maintaining and improving vision. It includes Triphala, Almond oil, and other valuable herbs that assist in keeping your eyes healthy, promote lash regeneration, and preserve and improve vision. Triphala, almond oil, and natural carbon are all included in this black kohl stick. These natural substances boost the growth of eyelashes as well as the maintenance and improvement of vision. It is the best herbal kajal out there. 
  1. The Lotus Colorkick Kajal is a smudge-proof, transfer-resistant product that glides on softly and applies to the eyes with precision in just one stroke. This waterproof kajal’s rich and deep black colour requires only one brush for a flawless and defined eye look. This smudge-resistant kajal takes your eye game to another level. This Herbal Kajal is made entirely of natural components and contains no allergens or preservatives that could irritate the eyes.
  1. Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Gel Kajal eyeliner for a lively city look daily. A first-of-its-kind pot kajal with an application gets packed with aloe vera and calendula oil for a very deep black for emphasized eyes that’s excellent for your bright daily look. Ophthalmologically tested and waterproof. Be city ready, city brilliant. It is a great kajal eye pencil to go for. 

Applying Kajal Perfectly

  1. Begin at the inner corner of your eye and work outward, using little strokes to keep the line from becoming unequal. 
  2. Pull the under-eye skin down slowly for a better coating. Avoid overdoing it, particularly if your eyes are small or veiled. 
  3. Since you’ll be coating more than half of your waterline with kajal, thick kohl lines on your waterline will create an illusion of smaller eyes. Instead, use a thin stroke to make it unobtrusive. 

Aim for a Smokey eye

To create a smokey eye, simply smudge some kohl on your eyelids with a brush after applying it coarsely. You are free to combine it with your finger if you are comfortable doing so. You’re all set with your smoky eyes. That’s all there is to it. 

Colour kajals are available to produce pigmented eyeliner looks and may be used to create a variety of bright looks. You can also try out liquid kajal and apply it with a kajal brush. 

You can use coloured kajals all over your lid as an eyeshadow, much like you did with a black kajal, to produce a smokey eye. 

Kajal can be used to line your top lid in the same manner that eyeliners are used. You can also lengthen your border and create wings if you desire them. Framing your eyes will draw attention to them and clarify their form. You don’t have to have the perfect or best eye kajal. You can just get creative and line your lids with black and different colours of kajal. So go start your kajal shopping and get your amazing eyeliner set!

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