How to Get a Guy to Talk to You – Sure Fire Keys Which Will Make Him Want to Talk to You


Now that you have spotted a guy whom you like, you will have to work out a way and get him to talk to you. You can be overt and approach him directly, but if you believe in being coy, there are several things that you can do to get a guy to come and talk to you. Here are a few ways of learning how to get a guy to talk to you…

Look very attractive
The key to attracting a guy is to look attractive. So work on your looks, get a new haircut and wear a dress that is flattering to your body. Make sure that your clothes reveal your best traits and suitably camouflage the flaws. Don’t try to ape trends at the risk of being uncomfortable as that will show and make you unappealing.

Get him to notice you
Now you will have to catch his attention. So try walking by him a couple of times or by looking like you are having a good time. It is the vibes that you send out that will make him look at you.

Make eye contact
If you see that he is looking in your direction, then make eye contact with him and hold his gaze for a little while before dropping it. He will surely turn in your direction once again. Don’t be caught staring as that will just make you look desperate.

Follow eye contact with a little bit of smiling. You could use many of the smile signals, such as “am so bored” smile, “it’s so hot in here” smile, and “nice place” smile etc. If the man is available then he will surely come up to you and attempt to start a conversation

Look like you are having a good time
You also have to look like you are having a good time. Why would a man come up and talk to a woman who is sitting alone and getting bored. Looking like you are having a good time will give you an opportunity to laugh (which he might hear and come to talk to you) or crack jokes (which he might hear and find you interesting and come and talk to you)

Play a little hard to get
It might be a little contradictory to play hard to get when you want a guy to come and talk to you, but always remember that men are like hunters and by being available you challenge this instinct, look desperate and they lose all interest in you.

Be confident
Being confident and self assured is very sexy to men and will definitely get him to come and talk to you when he sees you holding your own.

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