How to Grow Out Short Hair to Long Hair Faster


When a female has a short hair style all throughout her life, there is a high probability that she would eventually want to achieve a long hair. Whoever feels this urge belongs to one of the hundreds of thousands of women all over the world who have suddenly wanted to trim their hair. Such alteration of hair style may be caused by abrupt changes in fashion trends, sudden disappointment upon receiving a new haircut, or strong desire to try something new.

Nevertheless, one may be conflicted by cost limitations, time constraints and various other problems that may arise as soon as she decides to grow her hair. This article will discuss convenient ways on how to grow out short hair to long hair faster.

  • Have sufficient amounts of protein in your body.

Proteins are macromolecules that help the body in functioning and performing its metabolic activities. In addition, proteins aid in the development of healthy hair, because the mane itself is composed of proteins. A sufficient amount of proteins would promote the health of the scalp and would greatly increase growth and development of hair. Among the most abundant sources of protein in the body are eggs, nuts and milk.

  • Cut your hair.

Initially cutting one’s hair increases its growth rate because doing such will prevent the lengthening of split ends. If split ends become longer, it becomes more difficult for the hair to develop into your desired length.

  • Regulate blood flow in the scalp.

Blood has a systematic way of circulating in the different parts of the human body. The scalp is one of the areas where blood flows. Hence, cardiovascular exercises that maintain blood circulation are highly advisable so that this skin covering will receive the right amount of blood to function properly. Another simple way is by allotting a few minutes to massage the scalp.

  • Practice intake of vitamins and minerals.

Sometimes, a person may not have a sufficient amount of nutrients that will carry out its normal hair growth processes. Hence, supplements such as vitamins and minerals can be ingested as an effective means on how to grow out short hair to long hair faster. Some vitamins such as biotin, beta carotene and B complexes catalyze processes that enhance the rate of hair growth. On the other hand, minerals such as sulfur, zinc and silica similarly have mechanisms that aid in promotion of hair growth.

  • Use conditioners and other hair clinically-approved products.

Conditioners contain vitamins and nutrients that are essential in the development of hair. Doing this will maintain the health of your scalp, as well as prevent hair breakage.

Several instances may have triggered a person’s desire to grow out short hair. Whatever reason it may be, it is important that people realize the convenient ways on how to grow out short hair to long hair faster. Among these steps are maintaining sufficient protein levels in the body, regularly cutting your hair, regulating blood flow in the scalp, developing the practice of vitamin intake and using conditioners.

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