Life Lately: Lake House Weekend


Trying to get June to nap on the beach in her carrier. It worked for about 10 minutes before she woke up, but hey–she was refreshed and it was good enough. She has major FOMO and couldn’t wait to wake up and play with her cousins again.

It’s already Thursday! So great! While short weeks are stressful because you have to cram extra work into less time–they definitely have their perks, amiright? What a treat that tomorrow is already Friday! I thought I’d share a little “Life Lately” with all the photos we took over Memorial Day weekend. It’s always a big family weekend for us at Neal’s parents lake house in the Indiana Dunes. (If you’re looking for a getaway super close to Chicago, we can’t recommend it enough!) It was June’s first time at the beach (despite the fact that we’ve been to Florida with her twice now–we always just stayed at the pool and never took her in the actual sand! 😂) She LOVED it. She also adores spending time with her family–especially her doting cousins and her grandparents–but we missed Sissy. (My SIL–she’s in Europe right now!) It’s so special watching her light up and experience all these new things for the first time!

Admittedly this post is mostly full of June spam, so sorry if babies are not your thing. This is just the phase of life we’re in right now! (I do have one summer cocktail idea in here for you though. 😉)

John Dailey’s were the perfect hot summer day treat. Somehow I always forget about them–but they’re delicious! They’re just vodka, iced tea, and lemonade. Squeeze fresh lemon on top. If you’re feeling fancy, add some fresh mint!

Lots of post-beach sink baths for our sandy girl!

They don’t call ’em the Indiana Dunes for nothin’! Always a game of who can race up the dune the fastest!

Otto is never far from June when it’s time to eat! (Here’s a link to her high chair! We love it!)

The water was about 60 degrees but we all jumped in anyway!

June loved crawling around in the sand! Find her swimsuit linked here!

Right after she woke up from that unsuccessful 10 minute nap. Was just so happy to be on the beach!

This is our new friend Chance. He kept wandering over to say hi. 😆 Obviously June was THRILLED! Her rash guard suit is half off right now!

Lot’s of fun time with cousin Maeve and Nani!

Never not smiling with her cousin Quinn! (Here’s a link for her bucket hat–also on sale!)

And of course for photos with me she does not smile 😂 Motherhood amiright? My summersalt suit reviewed/linked here!

We got this little beach playpen for her and it is AWESOME. It comes with a removable sun shade and takes two seconds to pop up and take down, and comes with a little backpack carrying bag. Highly recommend for beach days! It’s also a really great size (not too big, not too small) so we’ll be using it for our back deck this summer, too!

And that’s a wrap for today! Hope you enjoyed re-living these behind-the-scenes memories with us! ♥️


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