Men’s Designer Shirts – The Value of Designer Brands Vs The Cheaper Alternatives


If you have ever deliberated over whether to purchase a designer shirt or opt for a cheaper discounted shirt then this article will explore the true value of mens designer shirts versus the cheaper alternatives.

Most of us want value for money and everyone loves a bargain but sometimes what seems like a bargain can often end up costing more money in the long run.

Have you ever been to a store and bought something that you didn’t really need or want because it was on offer. Lots of people do this all the time and in the long term can end up spending more than the people who just buy what they need at the full price.

This same mentality can also be witnessed when we have to decide whether to go for the well known established brand or the discount brand. In some circumstances,with certain product types there can be very little difference between the big brands and discount brands, but in other circumstances and product types opting for the cheapest option can sometimes be a false economy.

Have you ever purchased a cheaper discount shirt or item of clothing which looked pretty good there on the hanger and continued to look good the first and second time you wore it, only to discover after a few cycles in the washing machine it is starting to look faded, mis-shaped and worn and not quite as good as it did off the shelf.

Sometimes you may have to buy 3 or 4 cheap discount product to last the same amount of time as one high quality designer brand product. If a cheap discount shirt costs $30 and the designer shirt costs $90 then they can work out similar in terms of value for money over the long term.

The most obvious differences between men’s designer shirts and the cheaper alternatives are the physical aspects that we can put a price on like the quality of material, the cut and fit, the quality of manufacture and the overall style. Designer brands are often far superior when it comes to the quality of fabric and the quality of workmanship, and also very often are just generally cut and made better, therefore fitting and looking better all round.

However, there is much more to the true value than the physical aspects which are obvious on comparison, but also imagine the amount of wasted fabric the designer went through before perfecting the final piece, the amount of time and effort that went into designing it, then getting it wrong a few times before it met the high standard the designer was expecting. Then there is also the amount of time and effort that goes into the high standard manufacturing process. All of these unseen aspects add some significance to the overall true value of men’s designer shirts Vs the cheaper alternatives.

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