Zaful is an online shopping store that many people are raving about. In the last few months I have had multiple people tell me the best place to buy the trendiest bathing suits are through Zaful. Personally, I have a hard time shopping online for bathing suits but I gave it a shot and boy am I glad I did! In this article I am going to discuss what Zaful is and there mission, my review about the pieces of clothing I purchased through this site and others personal reviews on this site. At the end of this article, I highly suggest everyone who reads this to go check out there website and leave a comment below on what you thought.
After looking at Zaful’s “About Page” I found out that this site is a one-stop online shop for the most daring, exciting, and edgy fashion items. There affordable clothing is the idea to share the latest news and fashion trends for fashion forward, freethinking girls. In other words, this online shop has very trendy yet eccentric clothing where all girls can find apparel that fits their style. Hong Kong Bi’an Technology owns Zaful, which means items, will be coming from all over the world. Here is Zaful’s mission statement, “To provide the very latest in compelling deigns for the fashionably hip along with providing exceptional value, quality and superb customer service. We offer a select choice of clothing, shoes, accessories and more to deck out your wardrobe with style.” In other words, Zaful said if you embrace inspired cutting edge fashion that’s ahead of the trend curve, then you are at your destination.
Now, I have ordered from Zaful multiple times for many different occasions such as spring break, back to school, summer outfits etc. For starters, it is super easy to find everything you are looking for. There are tabs for most trending, hottest outfits, tops, bottoms, etc. Not only are the tabs but there are also sub-tabs for tank tops, tube tops, skirts, shorts etc. so it is very easy to find what you are looking for without having to do much digging. Not only are there all these categories, but there are so many pieces of clothing, like pages on pages on pages. For example, when it comes to tops I went through as little as twenty-two pages before. It is insane but I did end up ordering about seven different shirts in one sitting. The first time I ordered from Zaful was back in February when I was shopping for spring break bathing suits. They had so many different styles, it was very impressive. I ordered three bathing suits all different styles and colors. The purchase was very easy also allowing me to track the items through the app, which was very easy. I received my bathing suits in less than two weeks, which is not bad at all. They came before I realized. The best part was I loved all the suits I ordered! They all fit me exactly to size and they all looked fantastic. I use them all the time. This summer I went on quite the shopping spree while having nothing to do at home one day. I want to say I ordered seven shirts, one romper and two skirts. Once again I received them before I expected to and all the items were amazing. It honestly surprised me because I always expect at least one or two items to not work for me when ordering online but they all were fabulous. Some of my most worn items came from that Zaful order and I am so happy I went through with ordering off their website. Not only do they fit great but they are definitely high quality. The items also come in little individual clear zip lock bags to keep them safe, which I do use for them still and is very convenient. In my opinion, Zaful is definitely worth the cheap prices and time.
As for other reviews I am going to post some of them here. Fifteen minutes ago, Micaela posted on the Zaful Customer Service Page “The page is excellent, has many discounts and good prices. The materials of the products are divine and are made and sewn correctly. The measures are faithful to the sizes on the page and the customer service is very good. The shipments arrive in Argentine in perfect condition. I really do not have any complaints and I will continue to buy a lot in this store. I RECOMMEND!”. Alex also posted on the Zaful Customer Service Page; “I ordered my clothes from this site and received them about a week later which was faster than I expected. The quality of the clothes I received were good or decent considering the cheap price I paid and they looked just as they did in the pictures on their site. Two of the pieces of clothing I ordered didn’t fit me even though I ordered the right size, but their customer service allowed me a full refund and told me I didn’t have to return the clothes which was a plus. I am planning to order from here again in the neat future as I had a good experience with my first order.” That is incredible that the store gave this woman a full refund on her clothing and told her not to ship the items back, now that is exceptional customer service. As you can see from these two reviews they both had a wonderful experience just as I did. If you go to Zaful’s customer service page you will be able to read through all the reviews and just about all of them are wonderful ones!
All in all, I truly believe in Zaful and their mission statement. They do care about their customers and their clothing. They offer wonderful prices and great customer service. Most importantly, their clothes fit amazingly and are well worth the short time, money and wait for them. I highly recommend this online shopping store and am so glad I gave it a shot back in February.

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