A veil can be a wonderful addition to a wedding dress. It can make even the simplest dress transform into a beautiful bridal outfit. But, you should not wear a veil just because you think you should, you should wear a veil because you want to. When choosing a veil make sure to consider the following advice.

First of all, try on lots of different styles and lengths all the while looking to see which one will compliment your outfit the best. Notice carefully the color, length, style, formality, material, and number of tiers.

If you have an ornate dress make sure not to choose a veil with heavy patterns. This will cause your dress and veil to fight with each other and not clash or seem out of place.

If the back of your dress has detail, make sure that the veil reaches down to the middle of that detail. Have the veil finish below the detail or above it. You can have your veil made to measure just like your dress. You want your veil to look like it was part of the bridal outfit from the beginning not just an afterthought.

If you are petite sized person, be careful not to choose a veil that is going to engulf you. It will only make you look smaller.

Make sure and bring your veil with you when you do a trial of your hair style. Make sure to choose a hair style that will work well with your veil. You want your veil to be a complimenting piece but not the main focus.

Remember that you will only wear this veil once so be sure to enjoy it and make the very most of it!

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