Women’s Tops – Fashion Guide by Figure Type – How to Wear Tops


1. Casual Tops

These are simple cut tops for everyday shopping, out of town trips, etc. Such Tops can be easily improved under the new fashion trends with the help of all the possible accessories. They combine well with jackets, cardigans, chemise, etc. Here are some tips for buying such a Top:

  • Since this is a casual top, and you will wear it often, then it must be pleasant to the body and made from natural fabrics.
  • Combine it with jackets, sweaters, shirts and other tops.
  • Close fitted or half-close fitted Tops look good with almost everything. If your goal is to be unlike the others, the main advice – do not be afraid to experiment.
  • Win-win colors – black, white, gray and brown, also Tops look good if matched the color of the eyes, nail polish, etc.
  • Casual Tops are easily transformed for an evening out with the help of accessories.

2. Formal style Tops.

This is a top for office and when you need to look not too well-dressed and not casual (trip to the guests, birthday, etc.). These tops are usually made of light fabric with all the possible things, ribbons, etc. Their main difference from the evening Tops is that the tops of the official style are more restrained and do not show a lot of nudity. They will look good with jeans and formal wear.

  • It is good to have at least 3 tops of the official style: red, black and white tones. Black color is always appropriate; a white suit is for the summer; and red – when you want to stand out from the crowd.
  • Since the top of this type is itself an ornament, and has interesting details, you should not wear too much jewelry, which will only overload the image.
  • Such a top is best combined with a single-color, well-fitting bottom, for the same reason.
  • To take out a little of ornamentation, you should wear such a top in combination with the cardigan.

3. Evening Tops.

There is a wide variety of such tops.

The openness and lots of nudity is the main feature.

  • The main thing, of course, that the top match your type of figure and the best way possible for you. Choosing a top follow the rule: the brighter the better; this rule applies to both color and style.
  • If the top is a tunic, you can wear it as a dress with shorts or leggings.
  • Evening tops can be worn in conjunction with casual tops, which will add eccentricity to your image.
  • Since the top itself is bright, then it is better to combine it with a single-color bottom, not necessarily dark. You should remember – do not wear more than 3-4 colors.

All these simple tips above will help you to get oriented in a great number of beautiful tops.

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