2021 Trends in Accessories and Footwear

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Small Wallets

With strong inspiration from the famous Vlone collection of bag, proposed in the early 2000’s, mini bags take the scene. Accessories like semi-long straps and eye-catching buckles.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats will be very popular among 2021 trends for their bohemian style, marking a very seventies aesthetic. Expect them with different textures, in denim and animal print.

Flocks and Scarves

The inevitable scarves are another very hippie chic accessory that has been acquiring a sense of sophistication and will become fashionable again.

Chain-Shaped Necklace

In terms of jewelry, those that will complement the outfits will be the maxi accessories, especially those in the form of literal chains, which are complemented with keys and locks. The metallic finishes (gold and silver) are still valid, but some colors are also incorporated into the 2021 trends.

Fashion and trends 2021 with Victorian style

Contemporary Victorian fashion is characterized by the sumptuousness and personality of the garments, the volume and the gathered and elaborate fabrics. Based on this, the trending articles:

Muscle tee, tops with shoulder pads, wide and puffed sleeves; round and protruding collars, both on blouses and shirts. Maxi-dresses with loose silhouettes and bridal terminals, evoking a very baroque style.

The revaluation of hand knitting will continue to gain strength; therefore, we will see a lot of drapes and embroidery, in cardigans and pieces that invite meditation. Therefore, the materials to be used will be of a soft texture, with versatility, that is comfortable to be at home, but also functional in case you have to go out suddenly.

The best way to carry this trend is to combine it with basic garments and simple textures, which instead of contrasting, harmonize with its details. Jeans, plain shorts and skirts in flat tones will be the perfect complement.

Transparencies and Meshes are Back!

After a not very long break, the transparencies return with a wink of sensuality and frankness. People no longer want to be afraid, they have discovered that nothing is guaranteed and have put shyness aside.

2021 Trends: The Hippie Chic Wave

Another trend alert that is present this year is the influence of the 70’s, with all the psychedelic aesthetic that characterizes it. It is one of the trends that has already been stumbling since last year, and that this 2021 will be more grounded.

Miniskirts, colorful prints, especially with tie dye style in t-shirts and outfits. Flowy shirts with camp collar and oxford type.

Likewise, monochromatic looks in their uniformity claim their validity in colors such as white, beige, red and earth tones. Let’s not forget the eye-catching accessories: big jewels and scarves will be key in the type of aesthetic that is defined for this year.

Athleisure within the 2021 Trends

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Putting together outfits to go out, with comfortable clothes, mostly sports, will undoubtedly continue in the 2021 trends. The drastic habits acquired during the pandemic make the at leisure style be adopted much more naturally today, being something very trendy.

Running shirts, sweatshirts, leggings and shorts will continue to take to the streets of Vlone women collection.

Oversize Garments Everywhere

Following the seventies influence, you are going to see a lot of maximalist in the garments. From the shirts (which now look super good inside and outside the pants), to the shirts and hoodie-style coats. This trend comes from last year, but the joke is to rediscover new ways to use it.

Dust off that maxi-garment that you left in the closet because it was one size larger. Stop adjusting it too much, now this is how you should wear it.