4 Crossdressing Tips For Disguising a Manly Jaw


Most crossdressers and transsexuals don’t just want to look like women – they want to look like beautiful women. Unfortunately, the features of a beautiful female face don’t come naturally to most males – particularly the traits of a delicate jaw and chin.

So what if you were born with a jaw like Jay Leno? Don’t despair!

There are plenty of beautiful genetic women with strong jaws and chins – just look at Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Aniston. They look great because they know how to flatter their features – and you can do it, too!

Try these four tips for disguising a manly jaw:

1. Contour your face. When applying makeup, sweep a little bronzer or brownish-toned blush across your jawline and chin. This creates a shadow effect which makes strong features appear to recede.

2. Choose a softening hairstyle. The purpose of a great hairstyle is to flatter your face by creating balance. Look for wigs with gentle waves that flow over the harsh angles of your face. Avoid strait hair or severe styles, as they will only make you look more manly.

3. Wear the right neckline. Stay away from turtleneck or square necklines that accentuate a strong jaw. Instead, choose v-neck tops or rounded necklines to create a flattering frame for your face.

4. Feminize with accessories. The right accessories can also help soften your look. Try wearing a scarf in a flattering shade around your neck – or some dangling earrings that skim over your jaw bone. The more you distract from your masculine features, the more convincing – and attractive – you will look as a woman!

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