4 Tips to Buy a Men’s Leather Jacket


Leather jackets for men vary based on size, style, price and quality. You can choose from a variety of coats and leather jackets. If you can use the Internet, you can buy one inexpensively. Other options that you have include stores and thrift shops. However, you need to consider some characteristics when choosing a good jacket. Read on.


As far as styles are concerned, you should consider waist length like biker, varsity, or bomber. You can find full-length jackets or overcoat/trench styles. You may have various preferences like course color, fur-like linings, polyester linings, front/side pockets, or zipper front, just to name a few. The buttons style may have some impact on the overall appearance. The button may be made of plastic or leather. You can buy leather buttons separately at an online store. Some jackets come with attached hoods. They offer extra warmth.

Size variations

Size variation is another consideration that you may want to make. Different brands have different sizes. For instance, an Extra Large size can fit like a XXL or Large. It’s interesting to know that even when the store representative says that the exact size for you is 48, the right size for you may be 46 or 50. You can refer to some size charts that can help you make the right choice.

The problem is that the actual products may not be consistent with the provided charts. So, what is the solution? What you can do is ask the seller about the actual measurements. The measurements may include sleeve, back, chest and waist. If you know more about the overall fit, we suggest that you get in touch with the manufacturer or brand. But if you don’t know the brand, you can still ask the seller about it. Actually, the catch is that a generic product may not be the right fit.

Type and quality

Another important consideration is the quality and type of the leather. According to some sellers, softer leather characterizes better quality. Some people like stronger jackets because of their reliability. So, if the jacket you like is preowned, its age, broken zippers, missing belt or buttons, stains or tears should be disclosed. Aside from this, you can also find a variety of vintage coats.


Price determines if you can afford a product or not. Actually, buyers decide whether a product is a good bargain. The photo of a product may be of low quality or it may just not show the details of the product. Aside from this, angles or shadows of a product picture may not show the features you need in order to make the right decision. You should ask the seller important questions regarding the size, style and quality of the product. Unless you have plans to resell the product, the price may not be an important consideration. Aside from this, shipping costs are between $10 and $15 if you live in the USA.

So, these are some important factors that you should consider when buying a leather jacket for yourself. Hope this helps.

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