Eighties fashion is now back on the catwalks and about to be seen on the best dressed women in town.

With vintage styles such as power shoulders, making a comeback, just what are the 80’s fashions that have so inspired designers?

Fashion was at it’s finest during the 80s as people took self-expression to new heights. It was socially accepted to dress as an individual following the beat of your own drum. Observing the population’s unique styles created a combination of overtly loud, thrilling and cool outfit choices.

Thus, during this time designers revolutionized fashion and the trends society decided to follow were limitless. The clothes worn in the 80s depicted people who were trying to find themselves and did so through creative designs. The common prints spotted didn’t necessarily match together, but rather, showed individuality. Today, clothing styles from this era are back in stores proving that vintage is trendy again!

The re-introduction of 80’s fashion has been positively received. There are many subtle 80s references creeping into today’s culture and splashing the runways. It isn’t a surprise that these fads are appearing once again.

While the worldwide economy struggles to dig itself out of deficit, the option for people to raid their closets and revamp old pieces is exactly what we need during frugal times. People are responding well and reflecting on old memories-the music, the clothes, and the attitude. For the older generations, they are being given a chance to reconnect with their own selves.

Teenagers today are suddenly seeing their 80s-era mom in a different light. As they adopt this “new” style of dressing they may notice that she is just a little cooler than she used to be. The once embarrassing big hair, loud earrings, and shoulder pads that reached for the sky are dazzling. Moreover, Each generation can see benefits from the reintroduction of such fads.

It is easy to see in the shape, cut and style of 80’s dresses just what makes the fashion unique. The draping, the shoulder pads, the extra layer of ruffles, the bright patterns (polka dots and loud floral) all scream vintage. From dressing in the office during the day to cocktail and prom dresses for night, the 80s have it all.

It is important to remember that although these trends are back, to incorporate them in smaller doses, as these vintage dresses are fashion statements themselves. Patterns from this era are big, bold and bodacious needing limited accessories to make them shine. Some other distinct features of these dresses are big buttons and bows.

So now’s the time to dig out your slouchy mini dresses, jumpers and even empire waist baby doll dresses. They’re all hot right now and ready for you to pair with some modern flare for a totally new look.

Take time to reminiscence with your children about these trends and remember how they came to be so popular. Looking through old photo albums and then finding the clothes that have been stored away can be quite the experience.

The best part of this era revival is that the fact that you can look stylish without breaking the bank. Instead of turning your nose at confinement & thrift stores, dare to take a peek at the low cost item they offer, you may be in for a treat!

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