A Guide to Men’s Blazers Or How to Buy Formal Wear Smartly!


A smart jacket or blazer you feel and look good in is an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. You’ll find jackets and blazers available in all shapes and sizes, but the most crucial measurements are closer to home. Look sharp in the most fashionable men’s formalwear money can buy by following these simple 5 steps!

Things You Will Definitely Need:

A tape measure

Things You Might Need:

A pen and paper to write your jacket measurements down
A mirror or a patient friend to help you

1. First off, start by measuring your chest. To do this, ready yourself with the aforementioned tape measure. Wrap the tape measure under both arms, making sure it passes across both of your shoulder blades and the largest area of your chest. The measurement that you get, in inches, corresponds to the size of a jacket or blazer that will provide you with the best fit. The aim is to appear tailored – you can save money on work blazers and still look professionally suited and booted if you learn to tailor yourself! Here’s another top tip – if you’re a larger size don’t be afraid to experiment with a pinstripe jacket or a vertically striped blazer as they can be thinning. If you’re naturally thin, a good checked blazer could make your chest look broader and fuller, which is a plus.

2. Now you’ll need to take your overarm measurement. Place your arms down at your sides and measure, in inches, around your shoulders with a tape measure. The difference between this measurement and the chest is usually around seven inches. If the difference is greater, your jacket or blazer will need to be a larger size to compensate for the extra material needed to cover your arms and shoulders. Example: your chest measurement is 40″, but your overarm measurement is 49″. Look to buy a size 41/42 blazer or jacket because a size 40 might sit a little tight.

3. Now you need to consider the style and cut of the jacket or work blazer you wish to buy. There are some incredible deals on fashionable men’s jackets and blazers to be found online if you know where to look. The main thing to consider here is whether your want a single-breasted blazer/single-breasted jacket, or a double-breasted blazer/ double-breasted jacket. Single-breasted styles are extremely versatile and look good on most men. Double-breasted styles are more formal – smart blazers with a double-breast make for excellent working wear.

4. Think about the colour of jacket or blazer you’d like to purchase. You’ll find men’s jackets and blazers in a range of colours and patterns, but a tip is to pick a colour that will match clothing already in your wardrobe.

5. Before you buy, consider the fabric of the jacket or blazer. Wool jackets and blazers are an excellent choice, but would a cotton jacket/cotton blazer be more comfortable for the season or your working environment? You should also bear in mind that some blazers and jackets are washable, whereas others will have to be dry-cleaned.

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