Community Love | Chantaie of Storytelling University

Community Love | Chantaie of Storytelling University

community enjoy with chantaie allick


A minor Q&A with Chantaie Allick – Author, Strategist and Storyteller.

We are further than enthusiastic to introduce you to Chantaie! Chantaie is an incredible writer and passionate storyteller who a short while ago launched Storytelling University, an online educational useful resource for creatives trying to get independence, business people, and professionals. Via it she helps unlock your possess exclusive story, build your manufacturer, turn into a improved communicator and alter your lifestyle for the greater! Chantaie thinks we all have a story to convey to, and just can’t wait to enable you tap into yours.

explain oneself and what you do.

Chantaie: I am a writer, founder, and model strategist. At my core, I’m a storyteller who thinks in magic. I assistance creators, unbiased business enterprise entrepreneurs, and small business leaders uncover and share their one of a kind stories with the planet.


what conjures up you, drives you and gets you out of bed in the early morning?

Chantaie: Terrific stories. The opportunity to form them, learn them, and share them.


what is an essential lesson you’ve acquired that you want to share with the globe?

Chantaie: No make a difference who you are or what your ordeals have been, your tale matters and could alter the earth.


how does illustration in your neighborhood make a distinction?

Chantaie: I’m not guaranteed about illustration, but I imagine the far more stories we have established and shared by historically racialized and marginalized individuals, the more knowledge and meaningful connection we will build in the planet.

what does the strategy of “Universal Love” indicate to you?


Chantaie: Love happens at the amount of Spirit and acts outside of social constructs produced within just racist, classist devices.



if there was one particular other human being, enterprise or team you want to celebrate, who would it be?


Chantaie: Every one Black and trans woman who is out in the globe shining shiny and sharing their light-weight irrespective of what the planet so normally gives back to them. To get distinct, Laverne Cox is a private fave and on my mind for the reason that I just binge listened to her wonderful and compelling podcast.

Indication up for Chantaie’s publication today! Adventures in Storytelling presents weekly ideas, tools and methods to support you share your tale and build a daily life and business with true impression. Also, be sure to observe @chantaie on IG!



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