Jeans are one of the most preferred outfits for men for a comfortable and effortless causal style. Mens jeans fashion and trends keep changing though not as fast as women jeans. However, you can come across wide variety even in this ranging from cuffed jeans, skinny, straight leg cut etc.

• Coloured Jeans are back in fashion this season. Guys are trying out coloured denims and not just sticking to the traditional black and blue denims. Having said that, blue one are still the most popular category of jeans worn by men.

• Wearing white or off-white jeans is found perfect for daytime events. It is also a good choice for summers, where one needs to avoid darker shades.

• Regular fit, straight cut and original fit are timeless and always in fashion with men as they look casual and effortless. Straight cut is comfortable as it is little looser around knees and calf making it a good choice for rugged daily use.

• Another upcoming trend is wearing cuffed one. Just rolling up your jeans by a single or double fold gives the cuffed jeans look.

• Slim cut jeans are also a choice of men these days. But, it is to be noted that there needs to be enough comfort fitting in the thigh and hip area with a slight hug around these areas and little loose fitting around ankles. Note that slim fit is different from skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are not suited for a masculine or macho personality as they resemble jeggings.

• Teaming up jeans with the right blazer is like adorning oneself with perfect celebrity style.

Do’s and Don’ts for Mens Jeans:

Choose a good brand. It will always make a remarkable difference. Levi’s Strauss, Lee and Wrangler are some famous and reliable brands. Choose a versatile colour that goes well with different jackets, shirts and t-shirts.

This will make the jeans really useful as you can wear it often. A general rule is that lighter one look good in the daytime and darker shades of jeans are more suited for evenings and party wear. A good belt adorns the look of your jeans. So it is best to choose a stylish belt.


• Dressing in jeans is not appropriate at formal occasions or meetings.

• Try jeans before buying. I will fitted jeans can look really bad and shabby. Jeans being a casual wear is best when it can give a comfortable feeling.

• Don’t be over fashionable with your jeans. This is a very casual form of clothing and one does not need to try hard with making it more fashionable. Over accessorizing like too many chains or embellishments on Jeans does not look good.

• Choose a colour that suits you. Do not just pick the first jeans on the rack. Even in blue, you can choose the shade that suits you.

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