Ethical Diamond Options and Alternatives


We want your love for character to be mirrored in the jewellery you don, so we’re always on the lookout for techniques to make our one of a kind jewellery far more sustainable and use materials from moral resources. As we intended new engagement rings for the June 2022 start, we researched the best suppliers for recycled, eco-pleasant, and conflict-no cost diamonds, as very well as alternative stones that are just as visually beautiful. Browse much more about just about every stone below to decide which just one suits your aspiration ring.

Recycled Diamond

14k yellow gold ring with recycled diamond by Beth Millner Jewelry

Recycled diamonds are stones that presently exist in the source chain that are restored to assure that they are the same high-quality as a brand new diamond. Since they bypass the mining method, they are a specifically eco-welcoming option. 

Conflict-free of charge Diamond

18k palladium white gold birch bark rings with conflict free diamond by Beth Millner Jewelry

Our conflict cost-free diamonds are lately mined stones. To make sure that they are ethically sourced, our diamond supplier follows the recommendations of the Kimberley course of action, is in compliance with the United Nations resolutions, and assures that the diamonds are conflict cost-free.

Lab-grown Diamond

14k yellow gold trillium engagement ring with lab grown diamond by Beth Millner Jewelry

Lab developed diamonds are serious diamonds that were being grown beneath particular circumstances in a lab. They are normally exceptional in good quality, but are considerably more reasonably priced than mined stones. That mentioned, it is essential to notice that they will not recognize benefit around time in the similar way that mined stones will.

Diamonds are the most difficult gemstone, and are rated at a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. This will make them fantastic for daily don. 


14k rose gold leafy branch engagement ring with eco-friendly moissanite by Beth Millner Jewelry

Moissanite may well seem like diamond, but it is a wholly distinctive gemstone! At first located in meteors, the purely natural offer is really limited, and just about all moissanite on the market place is lab developed. Like lab grown diamonds, moissanite will not appreciate worth about time. That mentioned, moissanite is extra very affordable than diamond alternatives, and has a lot more fire (the speedily transforming flashes of coloration observed in some gems) than diamond. They are a 9.5 on the Mohs scale, and are acceptable for each day have on.


14k rose gold tree trunk engagement ring with Montana Sapphire by Beth Millner Jewelry

Our Sapphires are mined appropriate below in the United States in Montana. Our provider is a Gold Amount Environmentally friendly America Qualified Company, which is an independent certification provided to businesses that are environmentally responsible and socially equitable, amid other attributes. Every sapphire is warmth handled pursuing market specifications to deliver out the best colour probable from just about every stone, creating them a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a little something blue. They are a 9 on the Mohs scale, and are ideal for everyday put on. 


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