Everything You Must Understand About Thongs


Considered as women’s novelty apparel, men’s thong underwear is the oldest men’s underwear style after loin cloth. Though today people believe that only women are supposed to wear such revealing styles and men should refrain from showing off their assets; men are becoming more confident of their sexuality with the respective style. They are offered by numerous brands and men’s underwear online stores in a plethora of colors, fabrics and one can also choose the variety of coverage options it provides the manhood.

Starting with the history, this article will cover more or less every aspect of the fashion underwear from its advantages, disadvantages, brands to the availability and when can they be worn.

History of thongs

As stated in Wikipedia, thongs are like its predecessor, the loincloth which means it is the oldest form of inner wear and is also thought to have been worn mostly or exclusively by men. Thongs for men have been noted to have been present in Ancient Egypt and Africa as well as Greek, Roman, and Japanese cultures. Later on witnessed on Sumo wrestlers, it was Rudi Gernreich who named the garment as men’s thongs in 1974.

Disadvantages of thongs

Talking about the disadvantages first, advantages are a delight and kept for the last. You must understand that the disadvantages are mere faults by the wearers and can surely be prevented or cured.

• Infection: It is mentioned by the health experts that wearing the same pair of thong consecutively more than one day, that too without washing it; may lead to fungal or bacterial infection. However, if you keep yourself clean as well as the guy thong clean; you get to have only the best of it.

• Not meant for everyone: Guys who love lots of fabric and are shy of trying something that is revealing and makes them feel uncomfortable; should surely go for other men’s underwear styles like men’s bikini underwear or men’s boxer briefs. Another reason here is that out of the numerous fabrics, sheer and mesh are a few that reveal a lot more than expected. So, only the daring personalities can wear the respective style.

• Irritation in the rear: One of the most common reasons why men cannot stand the respective style is the string/strap that runs between the butt flaps and kind of rides up every time you walk or move. It feels like something is constantly stuck up in the back. Hence, guys try the style and leave it to never wear it again. Moreover, if you feel too uneasy; go for a bigger size than the actual and you won’t the same feeling again. Eventually you will not find it irritating or riding up.

• Wrong Size: Size is one of the biggest issues one faces while buying the basic apparel articles. In order to get the best of the undergarment; you must get the right size.

Advantages of thongs

• Comfort: The regular thong wearers have made their point clear that there is no other style so comfortable than the thongs itself. The tiny construction of the style with a small pouch and a thin string is more breathable than styles that have more fabric.

• Confidence: Thongs are minimal, skimpy and ride low, and when you know that there’s nothing that’s going to show up from the pants (waistband); you seem to have the confidence in your walk and talk.

• Enhancement: Some brands make sure that the support and enhancement if not compromised with. Hence, styles have profile enhancement techniques or pouch lifting techniques for a better visibility.

• Prevent the show of underwear lines: Like other skimpy or barely-there styles; thongs prevent the line to show from tight pants/lowers. Tiny patches of fabric save the lines to show.

• Raise your sex appeal: When the only option you are left with is to look sexy and raise some eyebrows around you; this style is the best.

• Perfect Tanning: The revealing structure of the style is made for the perfect tanning purpose. So, when the idea is to get an equal tan; own a thong.

When can you wear thongs?

• Parties
• Office
• Gym
• Romantic Evenings
• Swimming pool/ beaches; and more

Some brands those are popular for thongs

• Good Devil
• Cover Male
• Agacio
• Candyman
• Pikante
• Intymen
• PPU; and many more.

These were the basic aspects that every guy should know before slipping into a pair of thongs.

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