Fashion Belts For Women – The Right Ways to Wear a Belt Without Looking Fat


Fashion belts are great accessories that instantly add a trendy flair to any outfit. Whether it is a dress, shirt, top or sweater, a belt can:

  • Accentuate natural curves
  • Create an illusion of curves
  • Make you look longer and thinner
  • Give your body some definition
  • Make your outfit look more up-to-date

Fashion belts basically add a whole new dimension to your style!

I know how easy it is to just pick whatever belt you think looks hot, but honestly, looking good is all about bringing out the best in your appearance!

Here are 5 tips on how to look fabulous with fashion belts without the extra pounds:

Define and trim down your waist

We’re attracted to symmetry so that’s why an hourglass is considered ideal because of the womanly curves. Create or accentuate a waist with a dark colored belt. If you’re for example wearing a red dress with a black wide belt, then the red color on top and bottom will expand outwards, making your waist look tinier than your bust and hips. For the ultimate waist definition wrap the belt around the thinnest part of your waist.

Pick the right belt style for your body’s dimensions

Determine the fullness of your body. Are you a skinny, average or full figure? Basically, you need to pick a belt style that harmonizes with the dimensions of your body. Like if you’re a plus-size who attempts to wear a skinny belt, you’ll appear bigger because of the obvious difference. On the other hand if you’re skinny, really big belts can overwhelm your slim figure.

Know how to style up your height with a belt

You also have to figure out how long your upper half (waist and up) is compared to your bottom part (legs) and your overall height. If you’re petite/plus-size/or have a short torso then you must avoid wearing a belt that contrasts with the color of your top because it will make it look shorter and wider around the middle. If you have a very long waist compared to your legs then do the opposite and wear for example a light colored belt around your waist or hips on top of a black sweater.

Place it at the right part of your body

A belt around the waist is a classic and trendy look.

However if you want to wear it low-slung, then remember that it will draw the eye down to your hips and thighs, so make sure you’re comfortable showing off this asset. If you want to avoid too much attention to that area go for a belt that blends in with the color of your bottom (jeans, pants, skirt, etc.)

If you have narrow hips compared to your bust and shoulders then wearing a belt low-slung will give your figure more curves.

Don’t over-accessorize

The belt is the centerpiece of your outfit and should be left alone without any other accessories or clothes trying to steal the show. Think twice when putting on a multi-buckled pair of shoes and eye-catching jewelry. Keep everything else simple, however if the belt is already plain and simple you can knock yourself out with one-two accessories.

So what do you think of fashion belts? Do you think they’re flashy? I personally love them, from skinny to wide, and I consider them a must any fashion-forward woman’s wardrobe. They really can do wonders to your outfit.

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