Here’s the Camera and Case I Use For All My Professional Work (Yes, You Need It)


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Hey misfits! It’s been a while since we’ve had some content on the site, so I figured I’d come through and answer some of my most frequently asked questions by other brand owners. I’m always asked about what tools and resources I use for creating content, especially visual content for social media and my TV work.

For every brand owner, your imagery and photography matter a lot. For years, I’ve told other business owners and influencers that they need to invest in good-quality images and video work to stand out as a reputable and professional brand. The great thing is you no longer need to invest thousands upon thousands of dollars for quality cameras and technology. So today, I’m going to talk about the camera I’ve loved for my video work.

The Sony A5100 is a camera that needs no introductions, especially if you’re an influencer or follow a lot of influencers on social media. I think people started talking about this camera a lot in 2020. With the rise of people taking on projects and launching their businesses during the pandemic, it became a go-to for many budding bloggers and even established voices who wanted a better camera quality.Sony A5100

For me, I absolutely love this camera. Everything about it is perfect for my video needs. I’ve used it to shoot YouTube videos, conduct important A-list interviews, and even do some TV segments. Honestly, my favorite thing about the camera is the crop sensor that measures my depth of field. Essentially, it’s what gives the image that blurred vision that also makes the subject super crisp.

For me, I love the look because people are not so focused on my background but are focused on me.

Now, no camera is perfect without a case. I always put a case on my camera whenever I step out because I do not want to drop it or even put a dent in the body. I absolutely recommend that you cover your camera whenever possible because honey these things are NOT cheap! You can find different styles everywhere, but I love this particular camera case because it has a really cool leather look and it’s not expensive.

So I hope this helps! Many people ask me about the camera that I use and how I use it. Honestly, I’m no expert, but I am focused on creating good-quality content for you guys. Let me know in the comments if you love a particular camera or lens for your content!


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