As a man, I must say that at times I’m pretty much pissed at how our society’s built. When it comes to women, we’re always the ones that have to take the first step, always the ones that have to ask for the phone number, always the ones that have to step up or use some stupid tricks we’ve learn from some book like the “bump-in” or whatnot. Not only we have such a hard time seducing women, but oftentimes we tend to be clumsy and make fools of ourselves and women disregard that. Undoubtedly they have a 6th sense that tells them when we’re confident or not, when we’re a good catch or not.

And trust me, seducing women is not always about looks. Sure, you’ve seen that local stud just walking around the dance floor, talking to every cute girl you ever dreamed of getting in…a conversation with, but is it really looks that make them like him? Well admittedly, looks allow one to seduce women faster, because they have more self confidence, but it’s not that decisive a factor that most think.

Now of course, if you’re not a George Clooney yourself, it is worth it to put some time in your physical looks if you ever want to seduce women properly (and after all, feel more confident). A nice haircut, some nice clothes, a trip or two to the gym and I bet you just raised your chance with the ladies by 50% at least. But in order to further increase these odds of seducing women, you need to take control of yourself too. Learn to speak properly to a woman and try to surprise her instead of throwing all the cheesy lines you’ve seen in movies at her. Learn to use body language as a means to both get an attention and to transmit some subtle sings. If someone is to give a formula used to seduce women, I’d say that these factors, body language, self-confidence and a cared body and face will make a lot of that formula’s equation.

Taking this advice on how to seduce women, you’ll have to be careful not to fall on the other side. Picture a balding, slightly overweight man, in his new flashy tailor-made tux, after reading ” guide to getting women into bed”, rushing up to a girl he’d never seen before, addressing her with “Hey baby, have we met before?”. Rather take it slowly when seducing women, “study your prey” so to speak, and approach her with confidence (but not over-confidence) and make sure you have a retreat plan ready. Problem with most men is that after their first rejection, they tend to never try. Well everyone gets rejected once in a while when seducing women, even those “studs” I was talking about earlier. If you feel rejection growing roots around you, throw in a “spontaneous” joke and step back while you’re still up for another try. 😉

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