How To Use Fashion Accessories To Camouflage Body Faults


All women desire to look good on all occasions. It is the reason they agonise over what to wear for a special occasion, or when they are getting ready to meet someone new or important. However, most of the time women find themselves wearing the same dress, top, skirt and jeans that they like. How can they make the wardrobe more versatile? The solution to this problem is fashion accessories. Fashion accessories will change the look of the same outfit dramatically.

When selecting accessories, there are some tips on how to select fashion accessories to camouflage figure faults to achieve pleasing line and proportion:

1) A Woman With Round Face

Necklace: When wearing a necklace, use a necklace that is longer with V-shaped or longer design.
Earrings: In order to look taller and longer, choose earrings that are oval, rectangle shape. Dangling earrings are suitable as well.

2) A Woman With Long Narrow Face

Necklace: Use a necklace that is round in shape and shorter in length. String of pearls would also be suitable. Alternatively soften the “V” neckline with scarf.

3) A Woman With Long Neck

Necklace: Advisable to use chokers or jewel-length necklaces to shorten neck. Higher necklines should be used.
Earrings: Slightly bigger rounded earrings will flatter such face shape.

4) A Woman With Short Neck

Necklace: Several longer necklaces to create a layered effect to add length. Avoid chokers and turtle-neck tops.

5) A Woman With Broad Shoulders

Necklace: Use longer necklaces to create vertical lines. Scarf is also suitable.
Earrings: Use slightly longer designs.

6) A Woman With Heavy Bust

Necklace: Avoid long necklaces which dangle over the cleavage.
Belt: Avoid wide belts as they shorten the waist and make the bust appear larger.
Brooch: Use brooches to the side to direct attention away from bust.

7) A Woman Who is Short-Waisted

Necklace: Use shorter jewelry to create more distance from jewelry to waist.
Belts: Avoid wide belts. Wear tops outside, belted. Wear belt lower than normal waistline if possible.

8) A Woman Who is Long-Waisted

Necklace: Wear longer necklines to shorten distance from jewelry to waist.
Belt: Use wide belts or sashes. Use belt slightly above waist.

Animal and flower motifs eg. elephants, leaves, birds, coins, and owls and huge retro rings are very popular this season. However, a woman who is very small build might not be suitable to wear such huge items as they will be over-powered by the jewelry.

Wearing the right fashion jewelry and fashion accessories, not only enhance the outfit but could also enable the women’s body faults to be less obvious.

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