Make Clients Comfortable in a Salon


One mark of a quality, stylish hair salon is the comfort of its clients. When a client comes in for the first time, the atmosphere and cleanliness are the first things noticed. The happiness and comfort of those waiting to have their hair cut, colored or styled is a good indicator of what the new customer will be experiencing very soon. Once the guest reaches the inner working areas of the salon, client comfort is equally important as stylists do what is necessary to make them look their best.

While the shortest amount of wait time possible is ideal, here are just a few ways a quality hair salon can keep its clients waiting in comfort and style. When every client enters the salon, they should be warmly greeted. Their purpose and wait time should be established. Next, the front desk manager should offer them something to drink. Magazines should also be available during their wait. As soon as someone is available, their appointment should begin.

Once the stylist or assistant is ready and calls them back for their appointment, the customer will likely need a shampoo. A protective covering should be draped over the client and fastened before seating them at the shampoo sink and station. When the shampoo and conditioning process is complete, a quality business will use quality terrycloth salon towels to soak up any excess water. The top of the client’s head will be wrapped in a thick, thirsty towel before the stylist helps them migrate to the proper workstation. The cotton towels should be soft to make the client feel cozy and warm.

Cutting, Coloring and Styling
For those with long or thick hair, a fresh dry salon towel will be draped about the shoulders to absorb any errant drips or runs while the stylist and customer decide together what will be done on that visit. Another refreshment should be offered, and music should be playing in the background to keep the customers at ease. Once the client’s process of beauty care has been done, they may need to wait while chemicals set. This should happen in another section of the salon, where something to read is offered and comfort and relaxation are noteworthy. When the stylist is almost finished with the customer, a mirror should be presented, and the client should be able to see all angles of the cut and style. When the customer is happy, they may proceed to the front desk for check-out and to make a new appointment and feel welcome to come back as soon as possible.

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