Pros And Cons Of Leather Briefcases For Men


Leather briefcases for men are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and are fashionable to carry. But you have to be aware of their pros and cons also.

Choosing leather briefcases for men can be quite a daunting task and you need to weigh their pros and cons carefully before buying and using one. A pure leather men’s briefcase is usually expensive depending on the quality of leather used and its size. If it’s pure Italian leather of the highest quality, it could cost you quite a bit. On the contrary, if it’s ordinary calf or even micro-leather, the price automatically comes down.

Leather briefcases for men undoubtedly help you make a style statement and are fashionable to carry around. But unlike their metallic or plastic counterparts, they offer less protection to what’s kept inside them in case of impacts. Moreover, they are more prone to turning grubby after years of use and peel off in patches or become dirty easily.

Buying leather briefcases for men depends on the purpose of its use. If you are a banker or a financial analyst, your choice will depend on those cases which offer more protection for your business papers and laptop rather than a traveling salesman who needs something larger to carry his product samples along with him. Similarly, for office use only, a leather briefcase with a handle is good enough while for traveling, shoulder straps are more convenient. Briefcases for traveling are also more useful with additional compartments with zips on their outsides for easy access to food, drink and shaving tackle.

Since leather briefcases for men are generally expensive, you should first check whether the one that you are thinking of buying suits your pocket or not.Pure leather is known to slight color variations throughout the briefcase’s body and this establishes its genuineness. The right color is of vital importance and generally black or shades of brown are favored as it matches your clothing accessories like shoes, belts and suits. Off late, scarlet or red wine is also a preferred shade. Expandability is yet another pro that needs to be examined carefully so that an extra file or sheaf of papers can always be made to fit in as and when required.

The lid of leather briefcases for men should squarely and wholly cover the briefcase so that valuables don’t fall out accidentally. The briefcase lock too, should be of the highest quality and should ensure absolute security against theft. A flap closure is highly recommended for professionals like lawyers and bankers so that papers can easily be slid in and out when required.

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