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Signs & Attires

If you love 80s fashion with a dose of glamor, you’re going to love the Netflix original series Light the Night starring Ruby Lin (who is also a producer of the show). Its cast includes well-known Taiwanese talents such as Cheryl Yang, Yo Yang, Rhydian Vaughan and Puff Kuo. Set in 1980s Taipei in the red light district, the show centers around the lives of hostesses at popular Japanese-style night club Hikari (or Light Bar), as they navigate jealousy, heartbreak, friendship and love. If this Taiwanese drama sounds right up your alley, go look up Light the Night on Netflix!

Another highlight of Light the Night is the alluring aesthetics, especially the attention to detail in styling each hostess’s looks. In an interview with Vogue Taiwan, Hsu Li-wen, the show’s head of costumes, mentioned that her team sourced a plethora of vintage designer clothes to bring out the glamorous 80s mood, while tailoring different styles for each character to convey their different personalities. Read on to see which Hikari hostess you’re most like based on your star sign, and get some 80s glam wardrobe inspo while you’re at it!

Leo & Virgo
Rose: Polished and Bold

According to Rose’s birthday party invitation, her birthday is on August 27, making this character a Virgo. With her impeccable taste and eye for detail, Rose (played by Ruby Lin) gives off Virgo vibes, although her occasional big-hearted gestures and natural leadership qualities may come off as Leo-like too. She also embodies both signs’ style in her outfits, which are always carefully put-together but sprinkled with carefree and glamorous touches.

As manager and co-founder of Hikari, Rose looks and dresses the part. Her power-dressing style demonstrates her dominance without losing her femininity. One of the best examples of her boss babe looks is when she wears a jewel-tone, beribboned silky blouse with a tailored blazer, cigarette pants and bejeweled statement earrings. She also loves metallic fabrics and bold prints –  like floral, leopard and zebra patterns – but never altogether at once. 

Scorpio & Libra
Sue: Graceful Elegance

In one of the episodes, Rose mentions that Sue is older than her by nine months, which means Sue (played by Cheryl Yang) likely has a November birthday, so she may be a Scorpio. Sue is shrewd and charismatic, and there’s always an air of mystery behind her seemingly gentle smiles. She is incredibly competent, a typical Scorpio quality. As Rose’s business partner, Sue oversees the night club’s daily operations. At the same time, her artistic sensibilities and perfectionist tendencies come off more like Libra characteristics.  

A key theme of Sue’s wardrobe is a white and beige color scheme, which denotes ideas of selflessness, purity and kindness. In terms of style, she exudes graceful and feminine appeal with elegant frocks and shoulder-padded-co-ord sets that accentuate her slender figure. While Rose loves big statement earrings, Sue prefers simple yet elegant hoops and drop earrings.

Gemini & Sagittarius
Aiko: Cute and Cheeky

The youngest hostess at Hikari, Aiko (played by Puff Kuo) may seem materialistic and bratty at first, but this college student is actually independent and street-smart. It didn’t take long for Aiko to fit in at Hikari, and she’s always wearing the latest trends. Aiko possesses the wit and trend-awareness of a Gemini, but her independent and opportunistic sides signal Sagittarian qualities as well.

In terms of style, Aiko dresses like a Showa-period Japanese idol – the perfect mix of cutesy and cheeky vibes that let her youthfulness shine. Her go-to looks often consist of high-waist mini skirts or shorts, paired with button-up blouses or puff-sleeve tops. Aiko isn’t afraid to experiment with colors and patterns, as she often rocks heart motifs, polka dots and checker patterns in bright color combinations. She almost always wears lace-trimmed socks with her shoes, which add to her youthful preppiness.

Aries & Cancer
Hana: Ultra-Femme and Understated Chic

A devoted friend to Rose, the amiable and wide-eyed Hana (played by Esther Liu) is one of the most loveable hostesses in the series. Despite her traumatic past, she remains an unjaded and pure-hearted woman who yearns for love. Arians and Cancerians are often the most gullible and trusting when it comes to matters of the heart, qualities we see in Hana throughout Light the Night.  

In her interview with Vogue Taiwan, costume designer Hsu Li-wen explained that the production wanted to express lady-like appeal in Hana’s looks, with ensembles like tailored blazers and pencil skirts similar to elevator attendant uniforms. There are also bright colors like red and yellow in Hana’s wardrobe, along with floral and animal prints that complement her lively personality. 

Capricorn & Aquarius
Yuri: Enigmatic and Edgy

The cool and beautiful Yuri (played by Nikki Hsieh) may come off as distant and terse, but that’s her workplace facade. Giving off both Capricorn and Aquarius vibes, she is extremely hardworking and reserved about her private life. At Hikari, Yuri’s clean bob cut with blunt bangs is lightly clipped with a single hair pin. During the day, she works as a department store sales assistant in a monochrome uniform with her iconic bangs swept back.

The show makers stated that Yuri’s look is heavily inspired by Japanese model Sayoko Yamaguchi. Generally, Yuri’s outfits are dark, mysterious and sensual, much like the image she portrays. Her wardrobe includes cold-shoulder long-sleeve blouses and midi skirts with side slits. Yuri wears a fair share of paisley, floral and animal prints, but in ways that align with her mostly black, metallic and cool-toned wardrobe. 

Taurus & Pisces
Ah-chi: Mature Maximalist

Ah-chi (played by Cherry Hsieh) juggles a lot in life. She struggles to maintain a professional image and retain clients while dealing with personal troubles like debt. Her stubbornness and addictive personality may be interpreted as Taurus-like, but her daydreaming tendencies and impractical nature feel more like a Pisces. 

As a senior hostess, Ah-chi initially gives off an outdated feel in her attire, which is often more conservative than that of her co-workers. But when she becomes manager of Hikari, the veteran hostess makes a sartorial transformation that corresponds with her newfound confidence and extra responsibilities. Ah-chi starts wearing her hair up for a more mature and elegant feel, and she swaps her knee-grazing skirts for sleeker-looking suit pants. Instead of plain blouses and short-sleeved jackets, Ah-chi goes maximalist by wearing outfits with bold statement prints all over. 


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