Emo bands are practically born everyday, thanks to big industry names like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Coheed And Cambria, and My Chemical Romance. Some people could still be clueless as to what specific sound emo has. And let’s face it, folks, not everyone can belt it out like Jim Adkins from Jimmy Eat World. However, dressing up like these emo rock stars and copying their emo hair style is definitely easier than starting your own garage band.

Picture this, you go into the salon and ask for a wild Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) haircut. I bet a thumb and another finger that your stylist doesn’t have a clue what you’re talking about. If they do, they’d probably give you an unhappy look and ask which of the million Gerard Way hairstyles you actually want them to copy. Unless you bring a picture of the hair you want done on your emo music-filled head, all you’ll be left with is an updated crew cut. The thing about a emo hair style is that it may look a little too daunting and complicated, but in reality, it’s as easy as cutting your hair with a kitchen bowl over your head.

Okay, so it’s slightly more fancy and artistic than just a few snips and cuts. Just like achieving any type of hairstyle, getting a emo haircut is a process. Let’s go back to our friend, Gerard Way, for a second. He’s had a few haircuts (and hair-don’ts) in the past years but today, his platinum short locks are making all the buzz. Everyone wants to sign up for The Black Parade hype so they start by getting the same `do. It has to be stressed that this should not be another Eminem bleach-blond fad — that would be a pity. Getting your own style and sticking to a few colors instead of going out-right platinum can actually be better for you.

The most trendy (and obvious) emo hair style is dyeing one’s hair a deep onyx black. Once those locks are as dark as the night sky, the hair is cut shorter from the back and on the sides, leaving the top and front slightly longer to be able to create a rocking set of bangs. These bangs are usually swept to the side, covering a huge part of the face. When you see Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy rock it out on stage, you can only wonder how he could even see what he’s doing. Apparently, being blind to the world with hair swooshing in-your-face 24/7 is cool — I’ll buy that.

The best part of having emo hair style is that after the cut and you don’t like what they have done, you can always go shorter or apply styling wax to move your hair out of the way. You know how, on bad hair days, women pull their hair up in a pony tail? For unsatisfactory Emo rock star hair, you can also pull all those lose hair up into a messy pony. It’s that, or you change your stylist altogether.

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