3 Tips to Effective Flirting and Seduction For You Guys


Flirting is typically thought of as a woman’s realm but these days, to me truly successful with women you have to know how to match her flirting skills with some sort of skills yourself. Ask any woman and she will tell you that it isn’t the handsome or rich guys or even the funny guys that turn them on. Those guys might have a chance with any desirable, hot woman, but it is the guys that really know how to flirt that will keep them interested. It is the guys that know how to challenge them and flirt right back with them and play the game that they spend all their time thinking of. Do you want to be the one that gets her heart pumping? Do you want to be the one that she tells all her girlfriends about? Then you need to learn how to flirt right back.

Now, flirting for guys doesn’t mean batting your eyes at her or licking your lips while you stare into her eyes. For guys, flirting is very different and is so multi-faceted that volumes have been written about it. The most comprehensive guide that we have found to date is Steve Scott’s Flirt Mastery and if you get a chance to check it out you will agree that it is a literal library of information and advice on flirting with women. We’ll share a few tips here start the building of the foundation of attraction and flirting but true flirting is a skill that you could spend your life working on and for many guys it becomes the most thrilling hobby next to sky diving or running with the bulls in Pamplona.

Smell – Women are very sensitive to scent which is why men’s cologne is so popular and so expensive. Most women have a couple of different brands of cologne that they like and often one scent that will absolutely drive them over the edge. Of course, you won’t know what that particular scent might be until you get to know a woman better. But this is one of the reasons why women often get men cologne early on in a relationship. It can almost be a way of branding a man as theirs in addition to the fact that she will be getting you a scent that turns her on. If later on in a relationship she does get you cologne for a present wear it every time you see her. Try not to over do it. A little dab will do ya and you aren’t trying to fumigate the girl. You actually want to only use enough so she can get a whiff of you. In order for her to really experience the scent she is going to have to be closer to you… and she will.

Of course, when you are initially hitting on a woman or actively flirting with a particular girl it is important to keep offensive odors to a minimum. Mouthwash, gum and good general hygiene are very important. As far as picking a cologne to wear on a regular basis, try a few different colognes and see if you can find something that you like and that other women tend to like also. Ask around to some of your female friends and see what they like. You don’t have to bust the bank buying 5 different kinds of top shelf colognes but two or three small bottles of some good quality cologne could be a good investment.

Appearance – You don’t have to dress like a GQ model but there are some basic rules that will help you to at least be somewhat attractive to women. A good haircut and keeping up with the trimming of any facial hair should be of primary importance. Clothing is of primary importance and you don’t have to bust the bank and go on a shopping spree to look good. If money is really tight you can check out some of the local thrift stores or second hand shops. You can find some great bargains and if you aren’t sure what looks good on you then ask any woman if she thinks that something looks good on you. If you have any female friends you can ask them to go shopping with you… or a buddy’s girlfriend might be glad to help you out and put a look together for you.

Shoes are always very important and it is true that women do check out your shoes. She probably isn’t going to be attracted to you just because you have nice shoes or that they’re spit polished but worn out, dirty shoes send a message about yourself to a woman and it’s not a good message. Invest a couple of bucks in some good shoes that you can be proud to wear. The don’t have to be expensive but a nasty pair of old shoes shouldn’t be a part of any guy’s look. It doesn’t matter how comfortable they are. You are dressing to impress not depress.

Attitude – Having a good positive and approachable attitude doesn’t cost a dime. People like to be around people who are happy and cheerful. People, women included, are attracted to happy, positive people. A negative or depressed attitude will drive people away, especially women. Your attitude is probably one of the key attributes that women look for in a man. After all, everyone loves to flirt; both single people and those in a relationship so having a good positive, flirty attitude is something that you should carry throughout your relationship and your life.

Do whatever you have to do to keep yourself positive and up beat. Be conscious of how you appear to others and keep in mind that your outward attitude and appearance reflects the person inside. Nowhere is your attitude more important than in creating a connection with a woman and flirting or seducing her. A subtle balance of self confidence without being too cocky is what is required here along with the ability to gauge how you are being perceived by the girl that you are flirting with. Being sensitive to body language and her subtle queues will help you to make changes on the fly to your approach and your attitude for each individual girl that you happen to be flirting with.

As you can imagine, there is a lot to flirting effectively. There is so much information that there are entire volumes written on each of the above subjects and these are only tips and some food for thought as you work at improving your flirting skills.

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