This style of haircut is a blunt cut even with the edge of your ears all around your head. With this hairstyle you have a choice of bangs or brushing the front across to the side.

In the know about short bob style haircuts

• The best popularity of this hair style was during WW1 in France when in 1915 women ambulance drivers chose the hairstyle for sanitation reasons and convenience
• It became popular in the U.S. in 1918 when the famous ballroom dancer Irene Castle wore a short bob cut and changed ladies looks during the 1920’s. Most women kept their hair long so cutting it short made them feel they had made some steps toward equality and independence from men.

Pros of short bob style haircuts

• Looks good on many facial structures
• Works with different textures of hair such as thin or fine hair layered using a short bob cut to give the appearance of more volume and dimension.
• Highly fashionable
• Easy to shampoo and let dry
• If you participate in sports or have an active lifestyle these haircuts is a great choice. It makes it easier for swimmers to tuck their hair under their swimming cap
• These haircuts do not require extensive styling
• If you work in a job that requires you to wear a hairnet this shorter style is easier to tuck under a hair net. With a short bob hairstyle, you do not have to worry about long strands of hair coming out of the hairnet
• These short haircuts are ideal for those that live year round in a hot climate, as it is comfortable and cooler on your neck.
• It is a great style for summer and spring

Cons of short bob style haircuts

• It limits a woman’s styling options
• Some with natural curly hair stated the short hairstyle made their hair unruly.
• It is very short in the back so it is difficult to tie any of your hair back with hair clips or ribbons.
• Although these haircuts can go with most face styles those with an oblong shaped face, having a short bob cut is not very flattering to them. The hairstyle tends to accentuate the chine and elongate their face and neck.
• Once you have your hair cut this short it can take time to grow back because of the angled cut.
• When these hairstyles do begin to grow back the back of your hair will be shorter than the sides so you may need to go to a beauty salon for trims on the sides until your hair is even all the way around.

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