15 Places to Shop in Spain: What to Buy – Trip-N-Travel

Have you just booked tickets for a holiday in Spain? Well, consider putting some time aside for shopping. Here, you will find 5 useful tips for shopping in Spain!

When visiting Spain, we suggest you set some time aside for shopping. Fashion, crafts, gourmet food and drinks, variety, quality, and uniqueness with long opening hours and shopping areas that have everything you could desire. 

Here 5 tips to make your shopping experience in Spain wonderful:

  1. Shop Online

It may sound strange to shop online in Spain when you can go to the local markets. But hear us out. Due to the increase of tourism in the country, a lot of the local shopkeepers tend to take advantage of tourists by overcharging on a product or service. You can avoid this with online shopping.

By shopping online, not only will you find great deals and discounts. But you will also be able to review customer opinions about the service or product you are interested in through review platforms like OpinionesEspana.

Aside from that, with the growing number of online scams, it’s also worth learning how to do shopping in a safe way so you can get the best bang for your buck! 

  1. Try Browsing Street Markets

Almost all Spanish cities have one or more monthly or weekly street markets. There you can find second-hand items or antiques, fashion, or organic produce. While others street markets offer an endless variety of goods, clothes, accessories, fruit and vegetables, and so on. One thing all these street markets have in common is the festive atmosphere. 

Some of the notable street markets are the Famous Rastro market, in Madrid and Els Encants (La Fira de Bellcaire) in Barcelona.

  1. Take Home Food and Drinks as Souvenirs

Spanish cuisine is a prime exponent of the Mediterranean diet, and these wines and foods are an excellent choice to purchase for yourself or as gifts. Every region of the country has something unique to offer. So, take a little Spanish flavor home with you.

We suggest you start with Iberian Ham or some of the delicious local cheese: manchego. Another essential purchase is the local wine or olive oil, the liquid of gold of the Mediterranean.

  1. Pay a Visit to Large Shopping Centers

In most of the cities or towns you visit, the best option is to visit the centers. There you will usually find large shopping centers. These shopping areas are quite specialized. The luxury shopping neighborhoods like the Salamanca District in Madrid or Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona, are places with modern, alternative designs and fashions like Soho in Malaga and Malasana in Madrid.

  1. A Different Shopping Experience

You can also add something extra to your shopping experience in Spain by combining different activities with it. Maybe you’d like to use the service of a personal shopper. This professional guide will take you to the best shops for fashion and décor.

Before you purchase wine, cheese, or a special oil, you can even have a taste test. These types of tastings are available for different products where you can learn about them, appreciate their characteristics and decide on which one to purchase.

Final Thoughts

Spain as a country is very diverse in its culture and people. This is what makes the shopping experience all the more unique. And with these 5 tips at your disposal, you can rest assured that you will have a great shopping experience in this beautiful country.