A blouse generally refers to a tailored shirt. This means that any kind of tailored shirt can be considered a blouse. This is why the term is a very general one and you cannot specify the kind of top you want simply by mentioning it. You need to familiarize yourself with different kinds of blouses that go with different styles of pants or skirts. You may also have to consider other factors like the occasion and the fabric.

For one, there are several blouse types according to stitching styles. Modern women mostly prefer tailored dress shirts. These are buttoned shirts stitched in subtle colors and are meant to be worn to formal places. You can, for example, wear these to your office and pair these up with pencil skirts or slacks. Another type of style is that of casual blouses. These are tops that have been tailored to be worn with jeans or trousers. They can also be worn with tights and may be in the form of shirts or tunics. Also, blouses that come for skirts can be short and plain. These are formal blouses and are worn with high skirts. Apart from these, blouses can also be as diverse as Indian tops worn with traditional dresses.

Women’s blouses also differ according to the fabric they are stitched in. In fact, the fabric is directly related to the style of the blouse and can completely change its look. For example, a cotton dress shirt looks extremely formal and can be worn to a workplace. On the other hand, if a shirt is stitched in the same style out of satin or silk, it will be fancy and can be worn to parties. Therefore, you must choose the fabric carefully. You should also choose this in accordance with the weather. For the summer season, cotton is ideal while satin may be good for spring or winter.

While there are different types of women’s blouses, you must remember certain things when wearing these. These apply to almost all kinds of blouses. For one, remember that you should choose women’s blouses if you are looking for a feminine appearance. These, unlike t-shirts, can give you a mature and feminine look. You must also remember that a blouse is not necessarily formal but can be worn in any style. You can easily wear women’s blouses with the skinny jeans and tights that are popular these days. All you need to do is to choose a style that suits you and you can enjoy wearing women’s blouses!

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