How Much Make-Up Is Too Much? When Less Is More


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I seem to prefer natural beauty with small amounts of help.

Dramatic, enhanced faces are not something I love unless they are stomping the catwalk or smiling from the silver screen.

That is not to say that natural beauty does not require large amounts of time and effort. I don’t for a moment think natural preclude jabbing or lifting this and that when the time is right. The passage of time waits for no one and how you traverse it is entirely personal. We are the masters of our own destinies and to each his own.

Whatever the big decisions, natural beauty is the goal and the overuse of makeup, is never our friend.

It would seem with treatments more is best and with make-up, less is more.

Less-Is-More Make-Up

A tinted moisturizer/bb cream for day, a light foundation at night if you prefer. Blending is key and tell-tale signs around the jawline are a definite no, no. The older we are the less heavy foundations we should wear as they emphasize and illuminate lines. Eye concealer if and when.

Soft blusher/highlighter, the barest whisper, to enhance the cheekbones and a minuscule dusting under the eyebrows.

Eyes can be dark and smokey (think shades of grey or smokey taupes) with the lips natural in colour. If lips are strong in shade then the eyes make do with lashings of mascara and a little liquid liner on the top, that’s it.

Don’t forget the inner eye liner – this one IS a game changer.

For me a red lipstick like cherry red is an essential makeup accessory. Application is key and a good red lipstick can make you feel fabulous.

The moral of my story is to use the art and science of beauty to our advantage. xv

Less Is More

tinted moisturizer  ||  concealer  ||  blusher/highlighter  ||  eye pencil  ||  eye liner  ||  mascara  ||  white kajal  ||  lipstick

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