How to Seduce a Girl and Turn Her On in Mere Seconds


If you have the right knowledge and the right moves at your disposal, you should have no trouble learning how to seduce a girl in mere seconds – believe it. In fact, with the tips mentioned in this article, you can just sit back and watch your dream girl melt at your feet while you use your powers of seduction without even touching her a single time.

Tip #1: Make a good first impression.

Before even going up to a girl, you have to make sure you are dressed well as this will improve your personality in itself. Ideally, you should have a haircut that looks good on you, too, and wear breathtaking perfume to attract girls to you even faster. Remember: first impressions always last.

Tip #2: Send a smoldering gaze her way.

If you want to learn how to seduce a girl from a far, then you have to make sure you keep your eyes on her even if she catches you looking at her. Make sure you don’t look at her for too long, though; otherwise, she might think you are cheap or crude. Once she has caught your glance once, keep glancing at her every now and then and throw in a smile whenever your eyes meet, too.

Tip #3: Be funny.

Humor isn’t just great as an icebreaker, but it can make your dream girl feel more comfortable in your presence, too. After you introduce yourself, ask her about what she likes and what she doesn’t like and then steer the subject onto something that you can make little jokes about to get her laughing.

Tip #4: Compliment her.

While learning how to seduce a girl, it would also be vital to compliment her. Whether it is on her looks, her dress or her hair, make sure you compliment her a lot – but not to the point where it might make her feel uncomfortable around you.

Tip #5: Get a little closer.

Once the conversation has been going on for quite a while, feel free to get a little closer to her and start whispering when you talk. If it seems like she is ready for it, you can even start whispering naughty jokes into her ear. Remember, though: even if she touches you every now and then as laughs at your jokes, you shouldn’t touch her back. After all, the goal is to seduce a girl and not have her seduce you.

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