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The captivating sterling silver bracelet is a jewellery statement piece that portrays a strong expression of one’s personality. They have been trending in the market due to their simplicity and dignified grace. Because of its neutral colour and stunning look, it goes well on most of our outfits.
While talking, most of the folks pay attention to each other’s hand gestures. So, wrist jewellery plays an essential role in illustrating their confidence and style quotient.

Birthdays? Anniversaries? Weddings? Conferences? Casual meet-ups? Art exhibitions? Whichever function it might be, never ever look dull and be the centre of attraction by adorning these accessories of sophistication. With these baubles your outfit gets the ‘oomph’ factor.

Crafted from 925 sterling silver, these bracelets come in different styles and shapes. From American diamond , heart-shaped to tennis and charm bracelets, there are a plethora of choices for the wrist accessories perfect for every event.

Confused on selecting the right one to ace your fashion game?

Don’t worry! Our bracelet guide will remove all your doubts.

Contemplate your occasion
Can one wear any type of bracelet for any occasion?
Well, A big No!
There’s a thin line between looking fashionable and looking over the top.

For instance, if you are giving a presentation at a corporate event, you just can’t wear a bulky accessory that time. That chunky jewellery will distract everyone as you move your hand.A thin sophisticated silver chain bracelet, maybe with a charm seems apt for the part.
Looking for bracelets that enhance your outfit is utmost important.

Bracelets to wear for special occasions like weddings and parties:

Weddings and parties are the best places where you can set yourself apart from the crowd. Wearing an elegant saree with Link Chain Silver Bracelet creates the Ahh factor! And when they are studded with gems or American diamonds they look super nice.

Bracelets to wear for casual outings / office wear

Some bracelets can be worn 24 hours 7 unlike the ones mostly worn in weddings/ parties. For instance, a simple love in heart bracelet is suitable for casual wear as it is gracious, yet comfortable to adorn on dailybasis

2. Check out your sleeves, their length matters.
If your top or dress have long sleeves, just forget about the bracelets then, as it would get hidden under your sleeves. So put these stunning bracelets on the garments that don’t have such longer sleeves. Sterling silver bracelets are ideal for sleeveless tops. After all, their length matters!

3. Keep mix and matching
Ever thought of wearing multiple ones to correlate with your outfit? You can wear a sterling silver arm jewellery coupled with a copper-toned one. Another fantastic idea would be pairing them with beads and different textures to create an interstig look.Also you can adorn these pieces in  different colours, varioue gemstones and patterns too.

There were days when mixing metals was seen as a fashion blunder. But, today you would spot divas and celebrities adorning jewellery that look opposite to each other, still appearing so gorgeous.

4. Measure your bracelet size
You have chosen an astonishing design for your wrist candy But what if, it doesn’t fit in your wrist well, all of your efforts and money would go in vain.
Don’t worry! We have come to your rescue.
Our measurement and size guide will help to choose the perfect fit for yourself.

5. Select minimalistic designs
We have often heard about the quote ‘Sometimes Less is More.’ Always remember never to over-wear these accessories, particularly bracelets. Beauty lies in simplicity. Choose a minimalist one with stunning design.
Please, please…! Don’t overdo it. Otherwise, your look becomes clumsy.

6. Complement your whole look by wearing with silver chain with pendant and earrings to complete the look
Being white toned metal they pair amazingly with other silver accessories. Such pairings will elevate your fashion game. Thus, these  are absolutely versatile piece and also makes a great gifting option.

7. Say bye to fast fashion, chant the mantra of ‘Buy Smart’
Buying costume jewellery pieces in response to the trendy fast fashion?
Think Again!
Is it worth buying? Will you adorn that accessory again? Will that inexpensive jewellery piece sustain till the trend continues?
Instead, why not purchase the timeless accessories that are long-lasting and at the same time graceful? The returns of such one-time investments are always higher.

The final thoughts !
Your wrist is not just for your watches. Decorate them with sterling silver bracelets too. As most women would puzzle on the occasions to wear such bracelets, we hope our guide has simplified your understanding and removed all the doubts.
Follow the above guide, practise those tips and start acing your look in no time.

We, at Ornate jewels offer an extensive range with stunning designs that bring out the best of your look! Visit us now!


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