Insight about few Popular Drum Chandeliers Dazzling Your Place Anytime

Today, there are an array of chandelier designs available that add a stunning visual appeal to any décor. They are suitable for any place be a commercial or a residential area. 

Among the many types of chandeliers, one of the most popular ones is the drum shape chandelier. They are available in varied size, shape and with different kinds of decorative trimmings, thus suits all kinds of theme décor. You can find most of the trendy and classical drum chandeliers in Sofary online shop. No worries about any damage while the products of yours are shipped by their transporters as they make sure that all kind of clearance steps are rightly taken care of to protect the light fitxtures shipped by them to reach the customers safely. 

Now more in detail about drum chandeliers and why you should buy them:

  • Modern ones: 
  • They are master of elegance – You don’t have to worry about them being a mismatch with your modern stylish décor that are quite sober in appearance. They are available in many sizes and in different trimming materials, thus you can choose in accordance to the dimesion and ceiling height of your room. 
  • Pendant designed drum chandeliers for dining rooms:
    • Every person likes to dine in a room with ambiance. The drum chandeliers hanging like pendants provide you the required brightness and reflects a nice feeling of enjoying pleasant dinner with your family. 
    • You can choose the number of chandeliers needed according to the size of your dining table. Some like to hang small drum pendant chandeliers in the four corners of dining room and one simple drum chandelier in the middle of the room above the dining table. It promotes a royal feeling whenever you see the lights reflecting in the whole room. 
  • Beaded drum chandeliers:
    • Quite a show off to adorn your living room or foyer. They look incredibly beautiful and matches well with your furniture. The crystal beads are made of quality material, thus no issue of maintenance. 
  • Drum chandeliers for outdoors:
    • Porticos of old homes needs a lighting source. Drum chandeliers are the best aid to look stylish in the midst of vintage décor porticos or verandahs. 

Drum chandeliers are best when you choose the right kind of bulbs for them. In today’s décor, a room doesn’t have only one illuminatig source. You have LED or CFL bulbs emitting the required brightness. Chandeirs are mostly used as a part of interior décor. Hence, there is a need to choose the right kind of bulb for it. 

Here are few bulb types you can opt for:

  • Halogen bulbs – They are energy savers thus more in use in the present times. 
  • Compact florescent bulbs – They take less energy to throw brightness and promote less heat. Thus, best choice compare to halogen bulbs. 
  • LED bulbs – They are the most common bulbs installed. They may be costlier however duarable for many years. 

You have lots of choices to choose drum chandeliers to be installed anywhere in your rooms.