Lucky Brand High Heel Boots – Footwear Fashion to Die For


When I discovered that Lucky Brand High Heel Boots hit the shelves this year I decided to give them a good look – and I am so glad that I did!  Also dubbed “Lucky Boots”, these are some of the most unique and stylish boots around today.

None of the boots with high heels are what I call “too too” – in other words, the heels are not more than a couple of inches and the majority of them are fairly thick rather than being thin and pointed.  Even for women who prefer a higher heel, I recommend giving these boots a look – each of them is quite feminine, some having a bit of an edge.

The boot styles with high heels from Lucky Brand include:

  • Candice – This is my favorite among the high heel styles, it has a buckled strap that wraps around the ankle area a few times as well as a buckled belt along the top of the boot shaft.
  • Kimberly – This is the only front lace high heel boot in the collection, and is constructed from suede with leather “trimmings”.  Gorgeous style.
  • Marie – This boot seems to have a simpler style than the rest, with a single strap up the side of the boot shaft and a buckle toward the top.  Sleek look.
  • Phoebe – This is the first time I have seen a “peep toe” for a boot style.  Fun look with a double crossover strap around the ankle area with buckles to hold them in place.

No matter which of the styles a lady might choose from the Lucky Brand High Heel Boots above, I can guarantee that there will be no disappointment in the stylish looks – as well as the quality construction with which they are made.

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