Men’s Fashion – What Is A Power Tie?


The power tie has been around for a few decades now, but it is still difficult to find a precise definition of the term. Traditionally the power tie is considered by general consensus to usually be of a solid colour, and traditionally worn with a business suit.

A power tie is usually associated with the corporate world and signifies power, obviously, and that the wearer has the confidence and the ability to achieve his goals and that he commands respect from colleagues and business associates.

The power wearer will usually be associated with opting for a solid, one colour tie, and this is colour is often red, a colour which coincidentally symbolises courage, passion and sometimes aggression. Other solid colours are often seen and these can be blue, yellow, gold and even pink, the colours are often striking and especially so when worn with a white shirt. Simple and subtle patterns may be acceptable, but pale colours or bold patterns and novelty ties are definitely out.

Having established that power ties are usually solid, striking colours, the question that needs to be answered is whether the tie itself empowers the wearer and the whether the person acts more positively and assertively by wearing a certain type of tie in certain situations.

When meeting someone for the first time, a tie is one of the first thing that’s noticed, and as a tie is usually associated within the business arena, first impressions are always important. Will others be transfixed by your tie as it sets you apart from the crowd, ensuring you make a lasting impression, or help you make a dynamic presentation or give a perfect interview.

Politicians and presidents have been credited with wearing power ties, Ronald Regan was one of the first during the 1980’s and more recently George Bush and Barack Obama, in the business world Donald Trump often wears one, while it would probably be rather silly to suggest that these people have achieved such great heights because of the ties they wear, the possibility remains that they may have helped, possibly sending some kind of subliminal message of importance, authority and power.

A shirt, tie and business suit has always conveyed the message of importance and that you take your responsibilities seriously, arriving for an important business meeting in appropriate attire sends a strong positive message to others, as opposed to the effect of wearing a t-shirt, jeans and trainers

In theory when you wear a power tie you will become more confident, powerful and have a greater effect and influence on those around you, or is it simply a case of certain type of ties are being associated with powerful and influential people. If you haven’t worn one before we suggest you at least try it for yourself and see if you can feel the power.

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