Muslim Dress – The Muslim Dress Code


There is no particular dress style prescribed to Muslims. This gives room to accommodate their circumstances, tastes and cultures. But there is a dress code which applies to all Muslims. This article will discuss those rules of dress code for Muslim women.

A Muslim woman’s dress must cover her entire body except the hands and face which may remain visible.

The dress should not be tight fitting but hang loose so that the shape of the body is not apparent.

The material of the dress should not be so thin, that one can see through it.

The female Muslim woman’s dress should not resemble the man’s clothing.

The design of the dress should not be elaborate and bold, so to attract attention.

The clothes should not be worn to show off, be arrogant and for the purpose of gaining reputation or increasing one’s status in society.

Islam protects women and liberated women over 1400 years ago. The reason for such strict dress code is so that the woman is protected from the lustful gaze of men. In Islam a woman is very precious so she should only display her beauty to those who deserve her. The Muslim woman should not attract attention to herself in any way.

The modern woman today is not free in today’s society, she is being exploited. Billboards and other advertising means are using the female sexuality openly, just to attract the desires of men and to sell the products. The media rules as to how the ideal woman should look and many women become slaves to these rules. It is no wonder more and more women are turning to the Muslim dress code

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