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Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver has been utilized in the generation of jewellery as early as the 12th Century, a delicate, but stunning metal that can be shaped, shaped and hammered in a multitude of means. So, why decide Sterling Silver? Usually, Sterling Silver is stamped or Hallmarked 925, pure Silver would be too comfortable for jewelry and is typically blended with alloy components such as zinc, copper or palladium. This suggests that 92.5% of the jewellery piece although the remaining 7.5% is alloy. The 925 hallmark is a fantastic way to identify if the jewelry piece you might be getting is Sterling Silver. Each piece crafted by NAJO is hallmarked, guaranteeing a wonderful, excellent jewelry piece to delight in for a lifetime.

“Sterling Silver is a beautiful, and very affordable precious steel that will rarely, if ever, go out of design and style. It’s the ideal choice to base-steel dress-jewelry items these types of as brass or copper. Even better is that Sterling Silver is Hypo-allergenic, each and every piece of NAJO jewellery is Nickel-totally free and comes with a decades warranty from day of purchase. Not only timeless design and style, but a lovely products as well.”

– Anna, Product Developer


Yellow Gold

A superbly, buttery precious steel, Yellow Gold is the perfect way to move up your jewellery video game. As Sterling Silver’s lavish more mature sibling, yellow gold can creep up in price tag. But what if you want to indulge on a spending budget? Yellow gold plating is the perfect balance among affordability and incorporating luxury to your jewelry box. Gold plating jewellery is a process the place a layer of steel is coated more than a different metallic. Just about every gold piece at NAJO is Sterling Silver with a 14 karat gold plating, making sure craftsmanship at just about every action of the method. 

Rose Gold

Rose gold isn’t really much too dissimilar from yellow gold, rose gold is a end result of introducing copper to yellow gold – giving it a gorgeous, rosy glow that we all know and adore. Rose gold is a excellent option to Sterling Silver and Yellow gold, if you like to wear some thing a bit different, rose gold is the important metallic for you.


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