Tennis Bracelets: Everything You Need To Know


Have you at any time watched Serena Williams participating in tennis and found the flashing of diamonds on her wrist? Or how about Maria Sharapova? They the two don tennis bracelets – also termed diamond line bracelets – and they undoubtedly increase a contact of luxury to their tennis outfits. Tennis bracelets are delicate however fashionable bracelets that have become ever more well known. 

Why Tennis Bracelets Became Well-known?

Nevertheless their attractiveness can be traced back to 1987, they have taken off lately. One particular of the famous tennis gamers, Chris Evert, shed her bracelet during a tennis match in the U.S. Open up. She stopped taking part in until somebody located and returned it to her. And which is how this bracelet will get its title – the tennis bracelet. 

Tennis Bracelet Appearance:

A tennis bracelet seems like an eternity ring in that the diamonds are packed carefully together. There are quite a few diverse tennis bracelets, but they share a number of normal functions.

Traditionally, diamond tennis bracelets are paired with white gold or platinum. But you can obtain tennis bracelets in yellow gold or rose gold as very well. The diamonds are normally spherical or princess lower. The tennis bracelet should sit close to the wrist and have a safe clasp.

Tennis bracelets arrive in all different designs, dimensions, and colours. You can find tennis bracelets with distinctive accent stones, like rubies or sapphires. You can even find tennis bracelets with coloured diamonds.

And tennis bracelets are not just for tennis players – any person can have on them!

What Tends to make Tennis Bracelet So Well-known?

The tennis bracelet has develop into one particular of the most popular bracelets for girls. And there are a several good reasons for that. To start with, tennis bracelets are pretty functional. You can pick out them with everyday outfits or dressy outfits.

Next, tennis bracelets are best for lively women of all ages. They are sturdy and won’t get in the way when taking part in tennis or performing out.

And finally, tennis bracelets are a good way to incorporate a minor sparkle to your outfit. They are understated but continue to make a assertion.

How to Set On Tennis Bracelets?

Now that you are informed of all about tennis bracelets, it’s time to understand how to wear a person. They have a really uncomplicated clicking technique that makes them quick to set on and acquire off. Just open the clasp and click it into area.

To have on a tennis bracelet, you could either stack it with other bracelets or have on it by yourself. It’s actually up to you. 

When Really should I Present A Girl A Tennis Bracelet?

A tennis bracelet makes a attractive gift for several events. You can give your favourite woman a tennis bracelet to symbolize your adore, and an anniversary is a excellent time to do it. A tennis bracelet also tends to make a attractive birthday present or Xmas reward. A tennis bracelet is normally a safe and sound option when you are not sure what to get her for Valentine’s Day.


When you’re searching for a tennis bracelet, it’s vital to retain in brain the type of the woman you are shopping for it for. Whether she prefers dainty jewelry, go for a thinner tennis bracelet with lesser diamonds. Maybe she likes bolder, more consideration-grabbing jewellery, then pick a tennis bracelet with bigger diamonds. And if she’s an active female, make absolutely sure to pick a long lasting tennis bracelet that will not occur free when functioning out or taking part in tennis.

Now that you know every thing about tennis bracelets, it is time to go browsing! A tennis bracelet will make a precious present for any celebration.


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