Very young girls wear their hair in pigtails because their mommies do their hair for them. Of course, this is because the hairstyle is easy and moms just want their little girls to look cute. When girls get older, the pigtails hairstyle is sometimes selected out of choice. This certainly goes for teenagers, but it is also true for young women as they mature into their 20’s, and sometimes beyond. This begs the question, “Why?” Why do young women sometimes choose to wear their hair in pigtails?

The possible reasons for pigtails being a hairstyle of choice are many, some more obvious than others. When the weather is hot, getting the hair away from the head is a cooler way to go, and pigtails help immensely. When a girl is short on time and needs to get her hair ready in a jiffy, pigtails are quick and easy. Ladies might wear pigtails as a fashion statement. Or they might wear them because they want to look young, playful, cute, or sexy. (And yes, pigtails can be both cute and sexy at the same time.) Another possibility for pigtails is when a young lady wishes to present herself as an enigma. “Is she a good girl pretending to be bad, or a bad girl trying to look good?” Pigtails are an attention getter, and the more mature the woman wearing pigtails, the more attention those pigtails get.

So, why do pigtails attract attention? Let’s start with reasons for men liking pigtails. (OK, not all males enjoy pigtails, but most do, even if secretly.) Pigtails represent youth and, in our society, youth is attractive. As I said above, pigtails are cute and sexy, and what man doesn’t enjoy a female showing off something cute and sexy? Some men fall for the enigma thing: “Why is this lady wearing pigtails? What is she up to?” Other men, myself included, see a woman in pigtails and think, “Wow, this lady is truly special.” But pigtails also attract the attention of other females, who pretty much react the same way that men do, but with additional possible thoughts like, “She’s such a child!”, or “Wow, I wish I had the guts to wear pigtails.”

So, we see here that there are oodles of reasons for pigtails to be appreciated by pigtail wearers and pigtail observers alike. But I will close with what pigtails mean to me. To me, an adult female with her hair in pigtails screams confidence. This is a lady who is fun-loving, outgoing, bold, and confident. She likes what she has, but knows what else she wants, and is determined to get it. This is a woman with very high self-esteem. There are women all over the world capable of being dream girls, but it takes a truly special lady to have the confidence to be a pigtailed dream girl.

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