The Best 7-inch Shorts for Guys


Men’s Style Roundup: 7 Pairs of 7-inch Shorts

Sport this shorter inseam all summer long

best 7-inch shorts for men

By Style Girlfriend | Last Updated: May 15 2022

While our team will continue to try to coax every guy into a good pair of 5″ shorts in warm weather, we know not everyone is up for that inseam. So, for those guys who want to flash a little less thigh this spring and summer, we’ve got you covered.

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After all, you’ve done the squats, and the weather’s…well, it’s about to be pretty disgusting, so it’s time!

Give your legs the spotlight they deserve with a 7-inch inseam.

We know you’re better than a knee-length lewk, so if you haven’t already, why not consider a pair of 7-inch shorts for the warm weather?

Below, 7 of the best 7-inch shorts for guys:

1. J.Crew, $70

SG Says: Functional by definition, shorts are designed to keep you cool.

So, why not maximize escaping the heat even further by elevating your hemline a bit?

J.Crew’s tech shorts are made in a stretchy, recycled nylon blend, making them a comfortable, stylish option for everywhere from the golf course to the beach to dinner.

2. Banks Journal, $75

SG Says: Even better than their function as “nature’s AC,” shorts can be used to accentuate your frame.

It’s simple enough: longer shorts (below the knee) will visually shorten your legs, while showing some thigh will make your legs look longer.

Our team loves this corduroy pair of “walkshorts” from Banks Journal. They come in eight colors, so you can opt for a neutral or a more colorful pair like the moss green style above.

3. Old Navy, $30

SG Says: These “best-of-both-worlds” drawstring khaki shorts from Old Navy make a strong case for the best 7-inch shorts of summer.

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The material says bbq at the boss’s house, but the drawstring says afterparty at Greg from accounting’s.

Sort of like…the mullet of summer bottoms? In a good way, we mean!

They’re perfect for easy, summertime outfits.

4. Todd Snyder, $98

SG Says: Keep in mind that fit is king. Anyone can get used to a 7″ inseam, but if your shorts are too tight, you’ll look…squished.

Order accordingly, and everybody’s happy.

5. Bonobos, $89

SG Says: What more is there to say about this pair of stretch washed chino shorts from Bonobos? Sometimes simple and straightforward is the way to go.

Coming in a whopping 18 colors, these non-iron, 4-way stretch shorts could be all you wear this summer.

They also come in a 5-inch inseam, if you’re feeling spicy!

Throw on a solid colored t-shirt, OCBD, or light sweater with these bottoms and be on your way.

6. Olivers, $75

SG Says: Okay, so technically these Olivers shorts have a 7.5″ inseam, but they look so good, we couldn’t skip ’em.

You’ll want to wear the appropriately-named All Over Short pretty much everywhere.

Which is fine!

This style comes in nine varying shades of neutral, so you could pull on a pair every single day and not repeat in a week.

7. Faherty, $98

SG Says: These easy-breezy look great with whatever you want to pair them with, while the quick-drying performance fabric means you get increased movement and breathability.

Pair these shorts with a linen button-down and your favorite slip-on sneakers for a day of running errands in style.

5 inch vs 7 inch shorts

When are shorts too short for guys? When they feel uncomfortable!

Otherwise, the sky’s the limit. Or should we say, the thigh’s the limit…

Seriously, check out the picture above. Those are the J.Crew tech chino shorts we recommended in a 7-inch inseam on the right, and the same shorts on the left in a slightly shorter, 5-inch inseam.

The styling of the models feels a little unfair, given that the 7-inch shorts are styled with “manly” sneakers, while the 5-inch shorts get the more fashion-forward penny loafers. But we promise, anyone can pull off a 5-inch inseam, whatever footwear you’ve got in your closet.

A suggestion: Take shorter shorts for a test drive

Pro tip! Cuffing your longer shorts is a great way to try a shorter style without the commitment.

Just fold the hem of your shorts twice to achieve a shorter (temporary) short.


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