Putting on a play with younger kids?

Theatre is a great art form and can be a lot of fun to get involved with. The thrill of performing on stage to an audience, or having your script acted out, and even being involved in costume and set design can be addictive, especially when you hear the audience’s applause and read positive reviews of the overall performance. However, putting on a play requires a lot of preparation and organization, and this can be stressful at times. If you are planning to put on a play in your local area, here are a few tips to help you put everything together for the perfect event.


All performances will cost money to produce, so the first thing you will need to do if you manage an event like this is to figure out your budget. Are you paying the performers, or are they doing this for fun? What kind of costumes will you need? How big does the performance space need to be for your stage and the audience? What kind of marketing are you going to do to promote the play? All of these things will need to be covered by your budget, so be savvy with your spending.

The Venue

You might not be able to afford a performance space in the center of town if you’re working with a smaller budget, but the venue does need to be as accessible as possible. If it is located in a location that is difficult to reach by public transport or car, this can put people off attending. You should also consider members of the audience and your cast and crew who might have limited mobility and need wheelchair ramps or lifts to access the performance space. You should also consider what other amenities this venue can offer, such as serving refreshments to your audience in the interval and safe spaces for your cast to perform and change into their costumes in private.

Makeup and Costumes

Makeup and costumes are important to help you set the scene and bring those characters to life on stage, often helping your actors get into character a little easier. However, the makeup you buy at a drugstore isn’t always right for being under bright stage lights, which is why specialist theatre makeup is worth the investment. Search online for a theatre makeup store and your local theatre costume hire service to get the quality that you need for your actors to use during their performance.

Promotion and Ticket Sales

If you are trying to make a profit or at least break even to cover your expenses, you’ll need to price your show’s tickets accordingly. You’ll also need to make sure that you are promoting your play months in advance of the first performance, as this can help you sell tickets in advance and give you a better idea of the size of the audience to expect. Promote your play on social media, relevant blogs, and leave flyers in local bars and cafes where you think your target audience members are likely to frequent. 

Putting on a play should be an exciting experience, and if this is your first time putting on a show, use the tips above to make sure you have everything you need and are attracting people to come and see the show.