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Have you sat in the salon chair before and listened to your hairdresser discuss about your hair currently being ‘porous’ or say, ‘it’s far more porous now’ or just applied the phrase ‘porosity’ and you’ve believed: “Oh, sure, I know about porous or porosity” but then imagined what did they in fact signify? Well, we can crystal clear it all up for you nowadays! 

hair porosity

Hair porosity is your hair’s capability to take in and keep dampness. 

When it comes to porosity, our hair falls into 1 of a few classes: 

  • Reduced Porosity: cuticles that lie shut with each other 
  • Medium Porosity: cuticles that are looser 
  • Substantial Porosity: cuticles with much more room between  

The degree of porosity of your hair relies upon on how you on a regular basis you appear just after it, and there is truly a actually easy exam you can execute by yourself at dwelling that will assist you come across out what class of porosity your hair is in.

hair porosity

You just will need two items: a glass of clear drinking water and a thoroughly clean strand of hair (it’s advisable to shampoo your hair initial to get rid of any construct up or merchandise). After you comb your hair by, use just one of the loose strands. 

Very first, make confident this strand of hair is dry, then fall it into the glass of water. 

After adhering to these methods, your hair will do a single of three issues: 

  • Hair that is reduced porosity will float
  • Hair that is ‘normal’ porosity will float and then start out to sink gradually
  • Hair that is higher porosity will sink instantly. 

What do these effects basically necessarily mean?

low porosity hair

Lower porosity hair 

If your hair floated to the top rated then you have got Reduced Porosity hair, which in essence suggests you hair is quite healthy, but this goes against the myth that low porosity hair is harmful. On the other hand, the cuticles are restricted and lie flat jointly, which basically signifies your hair is not finding enough humidity, so it results in being dry and tangled. 

When your hair is like this there is a pair of matters you can do. Use an oil that will penetrate your hair strands right before you shampoo. In historical cultures, they constantly tended to oil their hair in advance of cleaning/shampooing. The oil will not only aid moisturise your hair, but also protect against harm of your strands. When you get in the shower, pour heat water on your hair, and you will recognize it swells and then contracts truly immediately, producing nicks in your strands. This is regarded as Hygral Exhaustion.

Hygral tiredness is a breakdown of the hair cuticle caused by excessive humidity moving into and exiting. Hair which has hygral exhaustion may really feel mushy when wet. Avocado Oil and Argan Oil are good for this. 

hair porosity

Medium porosity hair 

If your hair floated and then began to sink slowly, then this is the healthiest style of porosity, and the easiest hair type to maintain mainly because the hair cuticles are inclined to be looser. Moisture penetrates this variety of hair considerably less difficult and the hair  can take what it desires. To sustain this stage of porosity it’s encouraged to do a deep conditioning therapy mask on the hair about once a week. Your hair will take the ingredients it needs or lacks, and will enable to preserve it searching healthful, sleek and shiny.

porosity hair

Significant porosity hair 

If your hair sank instantly, it signifies it can take up plenty of dampness, but it struggles to keep on to any of it. 

There are a handful of motives for this: 

  • Style 3 and Variety 4 hair by natural means have significant porosity
  • Achievable about-colouring, over processed, sunlight bleached/damaged, abnormal heat styling with no correct protections or it can just be hereditary. Anything at all that can destruction or modify the normal cuticle layer can frequently leave you with large porosity hair. 

The best treatments for this are depart-in conditioners moisturisers and sealers. Layering these solutions will help your hair keep on to the humidity you’re supplying it. Use warmth protectants in advance of styling plus keep away from incredibly hot water when showering.

hair porosity

There is a good dwelling cure much too. Test mixing 4 tbsp of Aloe Vera gel with 2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar and use from root to suggestion — rinse just after 20 minutes with lukewarm or neat water. The Apple Cider Vinegar will help tighten your cuticles and lock in the humidity from aloe. 

We hope this lesson on porosity has aided you understand it better and comprehend your hair superior too! 

Neil Moodie


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