What to Do If My Boyfriend Pays Attention to Other Women! Pay Very Close Attention Here Right Now


Men have this concept that “being on a diet does not mean he cannot admire the menu”. They say “it’s fine to look as long as he doesn’t touch”. But this male attitude really hurts a woman’s heart and pride. Furthermore, there’s always the risk that the temptation would become too difficult for him to resist.

So if your boyfriend starts paying attention to – and flirting with – other women, then you must put your act together and stand your ground!

Do not ever act desperate or wallow in self-pity.
This is not the time to feel sorry for yourself. Acting desperate and being depressed will only give him a reason to pay attention to other women – it will just be an excuse for him to look away from you. Don’t give him this reason to justify his actions.

Don’t be overcome by jealousy and mistrust.
Yes, it’s painful that he’s paying attention to other women but unless he is actually philandering, you need not get into fits of jealousy. Don’t let yourself get overcome by insecurity – don’t accuse him of anything you cannot prove, and don’t try to destroy your relationship trying to prove what may not be there in the first place.

Pamper yourself.
This is the time for action. Go to the spa, visit the salon – have a massage, a manicure and pedicure, a haircut, a facial. Treat yourself to something relaxing, make yourself feel special. Release the tension.

Get busy.
Get into a hobby, join a club, get involved in the community. Get into a workout program or enroll in a dance class. You need to start being a bit less available for your boyfriend – and he will pay more attention to you.

Go on a vacation with your girl friends.
Go out of town with your girl friends. Have a great time without your boyfriend. But, of course, don’t forget to tell him that you miss him.

Show him that you love him unconditionally…
…but show him, too, that your happiness is rooted from within yourself and is not dependent on him. Be your own self, exude confidence and independence. Don’t let your world revolve around him.

Be the girl he cannot afford to lose.
Be the woman he has fallen in love with in the first place, be above any and all competition. You need not be perfect (perfect is boring!) but you do need to be interesting. If you keep his interest, then there is no reason to be threatened by other women.

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