This article aims to demonstrate how footless tights can be teamed with almost any outfit. The classic hosiery style is worn by both women and men across the world and here we shall discuss what looks great with tights and why they have become so popular.

Many people may not see the reasoning behind the invention of footless hosiery, classic tights have been around for many years and for some the advantages of footless tights might at first not be directly apparent.

However, footless hosiery can often divert the obstacles that one faces when wearing classic fully fashioned tights.
Wearing classic tights prevents you from wearing a variety of footwear. For example, everyday styles such as gladiator or summer sandals and peep toe shoes cannot be worn with normal tights.

As well as being footless, these tights also come in both high and low deniers so you can tailor your look depending on what amount of coverage you would like.

Lower denier footless tights tend to be less opaque and more thinner in their appearance. High denier tights are of the thicker variety, you can even get some footless tights that are that thick they have a legging like appearance.

Tights can be worn with a variety of different outfits. When shopping many people always think it is essential to buy a new dress or new top, however by updating the tights you wear with an old dress- you can create a new outfit for a lot cheaper cost.

Why not set yourself a challenge and see how many different looks you can create with just one dress but several pairs of tights?

It is a popular belief that footless legwear only comes in black, however many retailers stock the hosiery essential in a variety of colours, prints and patterns.

As we all well know, tights can often give a more structured and toned appearance to legs than they might originally appear. Footless hosiery is no different in this element helping the legs to look ready to party for a night out!

There are an array of garments that can be worn with footless hosiery, all contributing to building a fantastic outfit. Depending on whether you are wearing your tights for a day or night look will depend on what garments you choose to team with your hosiery.

For a perfect and casual daytime look with your tights, try teaming your tights with your favourite denim short and pumps, this can create a classic and timeless look which is perfect for not only everyday casual wear but also for festival wear.

For a night time look, try teaming your footless tights with your favourite pair of peep toe heels and a glittery top.
Footless tights are not only to be worn by women, they make the perfect hosiery essential for men, if you are a man that likes the feel of tights on your skin, footless tights allow you to wear them under clothes and still appear as though you have your shoes and socks on.

No matter what type of clothing you like to wear, footless tights are a great investment!

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