The Rise To Fame Of Bo Derek Cornrow Hair


Bo Derek Cornrow Hair has been raved about by people around the world since they first saw her sporting the look in the movie 10 which was released in 1979. It was a look that caught the attention of both her onset love interest and women around the world and is still popular today.

The allure of Bo Derek in the movie has much to do with the cornrow hair as it contrasts her sleek look and gives her a sense of individuality. This may be the reason why she had so many men drooling over her and so many women copying her hair style.

Cornrows are a West African type hairstyle whereby the hair is plaited closely to the scalp and set in lines beginning from the top of the head down to the base of the skull. It is not a style often seen on western women and this, perhaps, is the reason why it is so eye catching when they do.

There are many different methods you can try when styling your hair this way but it might be wise to see a professional hairstylist in order to get the job done correctly. This type of style can be quite intricate and they will be able to show you how to do it in the comfort of your own home.

Although cornrows have originally been styled in straight rows across the scalp, they can also be done in designs around the scalp. This adds to the uniqueness of the look and is also a great way to keep the style neat.

Cornrow hair stylists can be found at almost any leading hair salon in the country but it might be wise to call ahead to see if they have a stylist who can do the job in order to avoid disappointment. They will also be able to inform you as to how you should maintain the style.

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